10 Hikes To Take In Europe - The Tourist Of Life


If you’d ask me I would say that taking hikes is the best way to explore a piece of nature – and Europe has a lot of different sides of nature. You actually should go hiking everywhere, to breath in the fresh air and to explore surroundings you would never see otherwise. Jup, I’m pro-hiking. So according to me.. these are the 10 hikes you definitely have to take in Europe!


Medvedak hiking trail, Plitvice Lakes – Croatia


Plitvice Lakes Croatia - The Tourist Of Life


The Medvedak hiking trail leads you towards the Plitvice Lakes, Plitvicka Jezera national park Croatia.  I guess this is one of the best views you can have when you are in Croatia, so how to explore it better than hiking through it?! There are a lot of hiking trails through the park, but this is probably the best one. You can step in at different points, which means that you can decide the length of the hike yourself!


Kjerag hike, Stavanger region – Norway


Kjerag hike, Stavanger region - Norway - The Tourist Of Life



Just for the picture I would go on this hike. How amazing would it be to stand here.. would you dare? Norway offers you amazing views all around the country, but this hike definitely tops the list. For me at least!


West Highland Way, Milngavie – Scotland


West High Way, Scotland - The Tourist Of Life


Beautiful and more beautiful landscapes are to be found in Scotland. Not the hardest hike as well, so for a lot of you this is a great hike to.. hike. Definitely put this one on your list!


Laugavegurinn – Iceland


Iceland - The Tourist Of Life


This trail leads you to glaciers, volcanos, valleys and mountains. I definitely think that this trail will give you an amazing experience and impression of what Iceland is all about!


GR 20 – Corsica


GR 20, Corsica - The Tourist Of Life


So what about the GR 20 in Corsica? My sister and mother did this one – a 12 day hike that leads you from the northern point to the southern point of the island(or the other way around). This is a hard one (also known as the toughest long hike of Europe), but the views are unforgettable. You can also do little bits of this one: day trips will lead you to lakes and viewpoints.


Berchtesgaden National Park – Germany




Who ever thought Germany stopped at Berlin is wrong. The Berchtesgaden National Park is probably one of the most beautiful national parks of Europe, and hiking through it will make your day.. wait what? It will make your week!


Tour du Mont Blanc – France


Tour du Mont Blanc, France - The Tourist Of Life


Of course, how could I forget Europe’s highest mountain? Next to skiing you can definitely hike your way around the mountain. Spectacular views are guaranteed!


The Faroe Islands


Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life



The Faroe Islands are a pretty small part of Europe, but oh, so pretty. I really have no preference of hiking trails of The Faroe Islands as the complete islands are equally pretty, so why not make it an hiking trip to discover everything?


Kungsleden – Sweden


Sweden - The Tourist Of Life


This hiking trip will give you some of Sweden’s best landscapes. It leads you through four national parks, so you know you’ll get the best of Sweden when walking this!


Northwestern Peak, Rysy Mountains – Poland


Rysy Poland - The Tourist Of Life


While most hiking routes are on the western side of Europe, the east has a lot to offer as well. This hike in Poland is definitely my fav! It leads you through the mountains of Poland, offering you amazing views and landscapes!