Girl traveling solo

Solo traveling will always be one of those subjects to debate. Is it fun or is it just plain boring? You either love it or hate it. I guess you know my answer: I love it. ‘How is it fun?’ is one of the biggest questions people ask me while I’m traveling.. or while I am blabbering about them. It is as fun as you make it, I guess. And the truth is, I do a lot to make it more fun for myself.


Today I wanted to share 30 ideas with you that will make solo traveling a lot more fun!


Girl traveling solo
  1. Go to an amusement park

Who needs company when you are in an amusement park? Buy an ice cream, grab your bags and ride that roller coaster you like over and over again. Amusement parks are always fun. Even when you are by yourself!


  1. Take loads of selfies

A bicycle? Take a selfie! A cool building? Take a selfie? Touristic highlight? Selfie! Look silly, look dumb, use a Snapchat filter.. who cares!


  1. Talk to a stranger

Talking to the guy at the supermarket about cheese all of the sudden doesn’t sound like the worst conversation topic anymore when you are traveling by yourself. Who cares what you’re talking about anyway, you’ll never see these people again anyway.


  1. Update your playlist

One thing that I am not embarrassed about anymore while traveling is singing along with my music while walking from A to B. Everyone loves music, and being alone doesn’t suck when you have your favorite tunes to listen to.


  1. Stay in a hostel

You’re never alone when you sleep in a hostel. Join the pub crawls, grab a beer in the living room or bar and talk with your roommates like you organized a slumber party.


  1. Order the biggest and fattest burger you can find

..Since you are alone anyway.. nobody has to know how unhealthy you’ve been eating. No need to feel embarrassed!


  1. Order the most fantastic looking three-course menu

..And while talking about food: order the most fantastic looking three course meal you can find. Good thing about eating alone? You don’t have to share your food.


  1. Play the role game

Nobody has to know you aren’t a lawyer who is traveling for a very big case, and nobody has to know you aren’t a fashion designer either. As long as nobody knows who you are.. you can be whoever the hell you want to be!


  1. Book a wellness trip

Wellness trips are better when you can fully relax and don’t have to talk about what that girl is wearing and what she isn’t wearing while getting a massage. Don’t get me wrong, a girls’ days out is great. But if you want to relax? Solo traveling is better!


  1. Shop!

Nobody is here to tell you you already have enough shoes, you shoudn’t buy that short dress or that you don’t need to go in that store.. again. Shopping is always fun, and with no one to tell you otherwise you can go crazy!

View over Hong Kong from Victorias Peak - The Tourist Of Life
  1. Make it your mission to find the best..

Gelato in Italy, beer in Germany, macarons in France or noodles in Asia. Do I have to tell you again? Eating is always fun.


  1. Stop and stare

Daydreaming isn’t all too bad when you are by yourself. Nobody is there to tell you you need to stand up and go queue for yet another tourist attraction. Just sit, and enjoy your travels.


  1. Find your prince charming

Who said that a solo trip can’t end into a duo trip? Romance is way easier to find when you are by yourself. Let’s make another mission: find prince charming.


  1. Go out by yourself

Dance like crazy, sing a long like hell and be as goofy as you can be. As long as you don’t want people to know you, you can just be as crazy as you want to. You can also just enjoy a wine at the bar while listening to live music if you please.


  1. Couchsurf

They say couch surfing is the best way to travel solo.. so why not try it?


  1. Get a tattoo

Yeah.. nobody is there to shout at you for being stupid anyways.


  1. Start ticking off your bucket list

Bungee jumping, skydiving, swimming with sharks.. you name it. You don’t need anyone to do those scary things. Start ticking off your bucket list.. today!


  1. Join a class

Whether learning how to dance, cook, surf or how to fence. Joining a class is never lonely.. but it definitely is always fun! Another fun thing: how about a wine tasting?


  1. Change your looks

Who said traveling doesn’t change you? Plan a visit to that one hairdresser that was in Vogue last month, shop in some boutique stores and get some make-up tips at that big MAC store!


  1. Go people watching

Nothing beats an afternoon of people watching. Put on your biggest shades, sit down at a restaurant and just watch all the crowds come by!

Loving the outdoors: this is why you should like to hike - The Tourist Of Life
  1. Learn the language of the country you’re in

Buy a stack of magazines or a book you already know and start learning the language. Try speaking it everywhere you come across. Who cares if you look foolish? You’ll be gone in a sec anyway!


  1. Buy the most stupid souvenirs for your friends and family

Ahw.. they must be so happy that you’ve returned home safely. Just wait until they see the souvenirs you brought them. You will definitely laugh seeing their faces when they unpack their presents. Not sure if they will laugh with you, though..


  1. Take a quick peek into the pet shop

..You’re never alone when you travel with a pet.


  1. Plan your ‘home coming surprise’ while you are away

Film it and put it on Youtube. Definitely a hit that will go viral!


  1. Book the most romantic room you can find

..A honeymoon suite for one? Nobody ever said that wasn’t an option. Champaign and a bubble bath.. I can’t find how that isn’t going to be an awesome night.


  1. Make it your healthiest trip ever

For me it is easier to be healthy when I am alone. Make it your mission to jog, to find the best ‘foodie hotspots’ and to go on all sorts of active trips. People won’t recognize you when you come home again!


  1. Go on a date

Who cares if you screw up, you aren’t going to see each other again anyway. Make these dates your practice rounds for your dates at home!


  1. Find a show to attend

Whether a musical, a ballet, a concert, a circus or a festival. Shows are always a good idea to spend your time!


  1. Crash a party

There is always an event going on somewhere: from art gallery events to parties in a local bar. Crash that party and be the mystery guest everyone will talk about for the rest of the night!


  1. Become a vlogger

Talking to a camera must count for something. Who can say you are traveling alone when the whole world can travel with you!?

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