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Pyjamas all day

Sometimes you just don’t want to do anything else than lay on the couch the complete day. I feel you. I sometimes (more than sometimes) have the same problem. But if you are bit like me you also hate to waste a day by laying on your couch the complete day and you definitely hate the feeling of ‘having done nothing productive’. Ooh, the dilemma.

Luckily enough for us there are so many things you can do from your couch to still feel like you didn’t waste your day. All tried and tested by yours truly. So today.. these are exactly the things I am going to share with you: the 30 ways to still be productive without leaving your couch!

  1. Learn a new language – Ever downloaded the app Duolingo? Definitely one of the easiest (and laziest ways) to learn new language.
  2. Do your taxes –  One of those tasks everyone is dreading but basically can be done from off the couch.
  3. Watch a Netflix serie –  The sooner you have watched all the episodes of the serie you’re following the sooner you can get on with your life. No Netflix day is a wasted day.
  4. Clean up your computer – No one likes a cluttered computer and no one likes the message ‘no space’. So time to declutter your computer!
  5. Search for new recipes – Save them in one document to print later on (read: once you’ve got the energy to get off the couch).
  6. Make a shopping list – So you are ready to go whenever you are ready to get off the couch again.
  7. Follow an online course – Wether it is a photoshop course, a blogging course, a writing course or a marketing course. Plenty of online courses to watch, read and follow!
  8. Watch Ted-talks – Ted talks are there to motivate you, and getting motivation never is a waste of time! Watching a mak-up tutorial on Youtube also counts.
  9. Pitch ideas for your future company – Brainstorm, write, draw and read articles for your future company you are going to start… someday.
  10. Read a book – No one ever got any dumber by reading a book.
  11. Book and plan your next trip – Oh, if you only knew how much time I spend on a weekly base to plan new trips.. Planning new trips never is always fun and definitely rewarding!
  12. Sign up for a class – Exercising, dancing, drawing.. who cares! As long as you don’t plan it for today: today is couch day.
  13. Start a blog – I can’t think of anything more productive than starting a blog!
  14. Schedule your dentist appointment – When you finally call your dentist after a year of postponing I think you’ve had a rather productive day! Cheers!
  15. Check, respond and delete your emails – On of those tasks everyone dreads and postpones. Time to clear your mailbox now!
  16. Call back family and friends – Sometimes you just forget.. That’s ok, now is the time to make up for it!
  17. Make a bucket-list – Dreaming is never unproductive.. right?
  18. Update your resume – Ever made your resume with InDesign? Definitely try! There seriously is some cool resume inspiration on Pinterest as well!
  19. Send out your resume – Why else would you have made such a cool resume?
  20. Order some new shoes – One can never have to many shoes
  21. Write – Whether a blogpost or a novel. Just write!
  22. Reorganize your LinkedIn page – And network!
  23. Find Freelancing deals – And earn some money.. earning money always is productive
  24. Fill in some online surveys – And earn some more money
  25. Apply as a volunteer – Volunteering is rewarding and something everyone should do at least once. So today is your day to start!
  26. Sign up as a Couch Surf host – And make some new friends (and some more money).
  27. Sign up as a tour guide in the city where you live – There are so many websites where you can sign up as a ‘local tour guide’. Showing people around in your hometown must be such a fun thing to do!
  28. Create to-do lists – For tomorrow of course.
  29. Meditate – Meditating resets you for busier days, clears your head so you can work better and makes it able for you to get creative again. So is meditating productive? Yes!
  30. Read The Tourist Of Life – I didn’t write my articles for nothing;-) According to me reading them definitely makes you productive!
How To Be Productive Without Leaving The Couch And Your Home - The Tourist Of Life