10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf

Exactly one year ago I got the chance to visit Düsseldorf for my very first time. Which.. in fact is actually really strange, since I live so close by. With just a one hour drive I could be in the middle of this beautiful city. But somehow before last year, I never thought about visiting for another reason than going straight to Düsseldorf airport to get the hell out.

However, when last year the tourism board of Düsseldorf invited me to experience the city for myself I couldn’t resist – and with that my curiosity for Düsseldorf grew.

After returning back from Düsseldorf I’ve only learned one thing: this city is one of the biggest surprises I ever had. Perhaps because I never heard so much about it and so I never thought of visiting. I actually learned to love the city within just a matter of days, and that is why this year I’m returning! Like a little one year anniversary, haha. And so, the more I talk to people about Düsseldorf, convincing them to visit as well, I thought I could might as well try to convince you as well.

So here they are: 4 reasons to visit Düsseldorf!

10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf, Germany

For all the beer

And with all the beer.. I mean all the beer. Düsseldorf has a lot of little breweries spreaded out through the city, and all for one famous Düsseldorf flavour: Alt Beer.

While not exactly being the biggest beer fan, I could actually appreciate the Alt Beer of the bars of Düsseldorf. Maybe the first one didn’t taste as good as the ones after that – can’t totally remember;-)- but the next ones seemed to be very good!

Anyhow, Düsseldorf Alt Beer definitely is a local drink you can’t miss out on – or local drinks, I mean – seeing the number of variations and breweries. You really can’t get around Alt Beer in Düsseldorf. There actually are bars and restaurants in the old town that serve nothing but Alt Beer. So get used to it quickly, ‘cause you basically have too!

10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf, Germany

For the people

I arrived at the old town of Düsseldorf at about 2:00 pm on a Friday afternoon, and whilst discovering the first couple of streets of the city I stumbled into crowds of people, happily enjoying their first beers (I’m assuming) of the day while laughing, smiling and chatting about their days. I was told that it was no exception that it was hugely busy in the streets. Maybe it’s a German habit to go to the bar at 2:00, I don’t know, but what I do know was that the entire ambiance of the city felt great. The locals seem happy enough to let you join, to discover your story and background and to give you a beer to try for yourself.

And through that friendly – ‘everybody knows everybody’- vibe hanging around the city I felt right at home. Even though it’s quite a big city – Düsseldorf feels small because of this. And that’s what I loved about it.

Of course, the people of Düsseldorf don’t only band over beer – the cheerful, relaxed vibe lingers around the entire city – whether you’re visiting the old town, a restaurant or discover the streets outside of the city center.

K21 museum. 10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf

For the art and culture scene

One of the things that I’ve learned during my visit is that art and culture are a huge part of the identity of Düsseldorf. You can recognize it through all the details: whether it is the architecture, the street art, the enormous amount of museums, the events and the people – that literally came from all over the world and brought a piece of their culture with them.

When you visit Düsseldorf you should definitely visit at least one museum. Simply because there are so much to choose from: art galleries, exhibits, history and sculptures – you name it! One of my favorite museums was the K21, which is the craziest museum I’ve ever visited thanks to a huge ‘spiderweb construction’ you can climb 32 meters high up in the building. But you also have huge art museums like the Kunsthalle or the Filmmuseum. It’s your pick!

10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf, Germany

For the architecture

Whether visiting the old town and wander through the small alleys, discovering old houses, buildings and statues, or whether visiting the media harbour filled with new, modern buildings – you’ll definitely need to visit Düsseldorf if you love to search for stunning architecture.

Düsseldorf definitely has two sides to her city center, but that absolutely makes it great to wander through, discovering all there is to discover. This city is a true gem when it comes to beautiful architecture, so try to remember that when walking through the city!

Nacht der museen. 10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf

Bonus reason: for the Nacht der Museen

Since this is the main reason I’m returning, I couldn’t keep this one away from you. Last year visited Düsseldorf during the weekend of Nacht der Museen, an event that a lot of cities organise (apparently), but for some reason never got to me before. Even a lot of cities in The Netherlands organise their own museum nights.. how could I miss this?

Anyway, even though the Nacht der Museen of Düsseldorf is the only museum night I’ve ever witnessed in person, I absolutely loved it. And I’ve been told that Düsseldorf does it better than whichever city you can think of!

And so, while walking through the city during Nacht der Museen, I stumbled upon the craziest art galleries, street artists, musicians and even walking into the Parliament building at 2 in the morning, absolutely blew my mind.

Who knew a city could be so fun at night? This year they organise the Nacht der Museen again at the 14th of April. An event I’ve blocked in my agenda since.. probably one year ago. So yeah.. I’ll be there and so should you!