Noordwijk aan zee

Agreed, The Netherlands really isn’t the most exotic location to imagine when thinking about a beach holiday. There aren’t many days you can run into the water without getting cold – and when there finally is a day we can enjoy Summers’ temperatures, all of the 17 million Dutchies run off to the beach. However, the Netherlands beholds so many beautiful beaches that are worth visiting when you get the chance to.

Best part: since the coast region is fairly small, you’ll probably get the chance to visit one quite quickly.

Even though the North Sea is quite rough, there are plenty of things to do at the beach: think about festivals during Summer time, or special beach events – but most of all: think about all the water sports The Netherlands is quite good at! Wind surfing for example – or sailing.

Since I live as far away from the beach as I possible can in The Netherlands I am always a big fan of driving off to the ocean once in a while to experience the it for  myself – to walk through the characeristic sanddunes and to plow through the loose sand, to breathe in the fresh air and to watch the rough waves. To hear the seagulls and to search for shells.

And so today: here are 5 beaches to visit in The Netherlands – including 5 of my favorites.

Noordwijk aan zee
Bries Noordwijk
Noordwijk aan zee
Bries Noordwijk
Bries Noordwijk


Close to Amsterdam and Leiden (visit Leiden if you get the chance!), you’ll find the small city of Noordwijk. While amongst Dutchies, and amongst many of my friends and family Noordwijk is a favorite to visit, tourists seem to miss this location. Noordwijk has a beautiful beach with a lovely atmosphere. Because Noordwijk itself isn’t really big, the beach automatically is more calm than for example Scheveningen or Kijkduin. However, you can visit amazing beach bars in Noordwijk – which, if food is one of your core motivations, is a reason to visit on its own. I recently visited Noordwijk for myself, and I almost spent half of my afternoon in one of the beachbars Bries Noordwijk: amazing food, good location.. Noordwijk is your place to be!

Also: Noordwijk is perfect to visit if you are into watersports: here you can learn how to surf or kitesurf OR go rafting!

Texel The Netherlands - The Tourist Of Life
Texel - The Netherlands


A destination I visit quite often actually: Texel. I really can’t stress enough how much I love to visit Texel – and every time I walk down the beach of this island I come to peace at once. While Texel is a really small island, just above the main land of The Netherlands, I can’t tell you to ‘just’ visit the beach of Texel – seeing that the entire West side of the island is defined by kilometers of beach. My personal favorite is the area around paal 32 – the most northern point of the island, where you’ll also find the lighthouse of the island. The last three times I visited this beach I even got to see some seals, so – just for that: go!



By far: Scheveningen is the most touristic beach of the Netherlands, but just because this beach is so touristic, I think you should visit. Around this beach you’ll find lots of beach clubs and beach bars and a lot of things going on. Ofcourse, Scheveningen also has her famous Pier including a giant ferriswheel and bungyjump!

Right next to Scheveningen you’ll find Kijkduin, which, personally, I like better than Scheveningen itself, thanks to a broad scala of beachclubs and beach bars that offer a great seat for you to relax.

Schiermonnikoog The Netherlands


As one of the smallest islands The Netherlands has, Schiermonnikoog beholds one of the best kept beaches you can find in The Netherlands. Not much tourism – not many people living on the island itself – Schiermonnikoog quickly becomes a gem you must visit.. and want to visit!

It’s the same story as Texel: Schiermonnikoog isn’t a beach – but an island with a long stretched coast and kilometers of sand.  Here, you can easily find a spot that looks like the perfect one for you or just walk miles and miles until you feel like you’ve seen everything!

However, once you made it to this little island,  don’t just go for the beach – be sure to enjoy the silence, the wind, the views and the clean, crisp fresh air.

Cadzand - The Netherlands


In the Southern most corner of The Netherlands, in the province Zeeland, you’ll find Cadzand. While this town itself is quite little: the beach makes up for it. At the coast of Cadzand you’ll find an 11 kilometers long-stretched beach through the nature of one of the most touristic and popular provinces of The Netherlands – you’ll find out why as soon as you get there. Next to the fact that Cadzand itself offers you a great beach getaway, this place also makes for the most terrific sunsets (if the Dutch-weather allows it).