5 Travel Lessons Successful People Use In Their Career

5 Travel Lessons Successful People Use In Their Career

TRAVELING WILL ALWAYS TEACH YOU. To most people this might sound awfully vague. I guess that it will remember most people about a couple of ‘eat, pray, love’ scenario’s, where learning equals finding yourself and your inner happiness.

However, you might learn just a bit more than you think, and even though you might assume you aren’t taking any of the lessons you’ve learned home with you, I beg to differ.

Traveling teaches you a lot about yourself and for that your inner-career girl could be thankful enough. And once you’ve read this article, nodding your head once or twice thinking ‘that seems about right’ I bet you’ll agree with me!


Whether you can add those couple of words of Spanish to your resume and tell your future employer how your Spanish is just about good enough to talk to clients on the phone or whether you perfected a language while traveling. A language is a skill you can use in every job or career and it will definitely help you along the way to reach the top. Especially if you are the only one in the company that can speak that specific language, guess twice who they will come to ask for help? That’s right, you!

So whenever you are abroad, never miss out on the opportunity to learn a couple of new words and don’t be too shy to practice!

One culture isn’t another

While traveling you’ll definitely learn a thing or two about other cultures around the world. They won’t only learn you how your own culture varies from other ones around the world, but it will also teach you how to act respectfully to other humans from around the world.

When to use in you career? Especially when working in an international company with many contacts abroad, knowing the ‘unspoken rules’ of communication will definitely benefit your relationship with foreign colleagues. Even if you think you’re trying your best to be respectful, honest and lovely, you might learn you could improve your behavior and respect doesn’t have the same definition here as somewhere else.

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Stress will get a totally new meaning

Now especially if you travel solo a lot, you will immediately understand what I mean. Traveling a lot, and learning to cope with problems and difficulties along the way definitely makes you stress a lot. But in the end, when it all works out, you grow stronger and realize stress is mostly misplaced. A waste of energy. Don’t you think?

When traveling the word ‘stress’ and the word ‘problem’ get such a new meaning it actually makes you rethink the problems that you used to see as stress-factors at work. Which can only benefit your productivity and peace of mind.

Confidence will make you happier

After stepping out of your comfort zone for so many times, and having talked to so many different people, it is no surprise your confidence has grown more than you could ever imagine. Even when you don’t even notice it, the small changes in your mind and thoughts makes make you grow as a person. Confidence is second nature to those who travel and have seen the world. There is no doubt about how confidence will affect your career and the way you do your job.

Pitching business ideas, standing ground, networking with possible clients and partners and being send to conferences and meetings will seem so much easier when you start to believe in yourself. And all because of traveling.

Girl in cafe, working, career - The Tourist Of Life

Adapting won’t be a problem

Hand in hand with learning new cultures and learning to know new people, new traditions and new circumstances you’ll quickly enough begin to find it quite easy to adapt. After all, you’ve got quite enough practice on the road.

Flexibility is one thing most employers ask for in their employees, and travel might just be the best opportunity you can ask for to learn a thing or two about being flexibel.

How to use when working? Working overtime or different hours, might not even seem the biggest deal to you. Having to welcome a partner out of the blue or having to give a speech without preparation? Not a problem. Having dinner in a Chinese – chopsticks only – restaurant with your foreign colleagues or staying in a crappy hotel? You know how to handle!

Travel lessons succesful people use in their Career

  • This is lovely! I love your lessons, I completely agree! Travel will teach you lessons like nothing else can! I hope you have a lovely Sunday and start to your next week!

    – Michael x

  • Taste of France

    To me, the most important thing was looking at things in a completely different way. People often try to analyze a situation, based on what a “rational” person would do, with rational defined as their own beliefs and culture. And they’re often wrong. When you can think about many possible outcomes, it’s good for your employer.

  • These are really great lessons! I really want to start travelling more, you learn so much x

    Tiffany Tales – Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • I loved this post because I’d never thought about how traveling mars a better employee, than you for the point of view !

  • Natalie Redman

    one culture isn’t another. Very true!