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I know what they say: don’t buy stuff, buy memories. Something a lot of woman seem to understand but can’t quite make it work.

Hard for me too, really. I love to shop, and I love to browse stores, whether online or offline. However, I also really, really love to buy plane tickets, as you guys all know. But unfortunately, money isn’t limitless – at least in my world – and it probably isn’t in yours too.

So, is it just me or are travel gadgets a lot more easy to buy for the materialistic-traveler? You can some way or another always justify what you bought.. because even though it is completely useless, it is something you can use while traveling. You just bought it because you NEED it for your travels.

Or is it just me?

Anyway, I am a gadget freak, and I love to browse through gadgets. I am a geek who loves everything you can buy related to computers (or.. maybe not everything), photography and gadgets that make your life easier.. but in this case: also a lot more fun.

So today, I’m gonna give you a fun article: my favorite travel photography gadgets that will make your travels a lot more fun.. and that you can buy without feeling guilty.

Polaroid Radbag - The Tourist Of Life

A Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are fun. A collectors item specialized in collecting memories. Plus it is a really cool way to remember your travels once you are home. I adore polaroid cameras – if you don’t use them you can always display them somewhere nice in your home. Polaroid shots are the best souvenirs you can have, I think. I got mine a few months ago, and am still working hard on a fun wall somewhere in my home, covered with polaroids – all from my travels (and my dog – the perfect model). I think we can all agree on this: a polaroid camera is something you need!

A Drone

So what I still don’t get is how people manage to take these things with them everywhere they travel.. drones have got to be heavy, right? However, a drone is something that I am dying to buy someday. If you want to have the best view from a landscape – you want to have a drone. I can spend hours of my day watching travel videos that have been shot with drones. Don’t you?

Selfiestick - The Tourist Of Life

A Selfie Stick

I know selfie sticks are a bit annoying for people who are just trying to see a monument and end up trying their hardest to avoid getting hit in the face by Iphones. But god, they are damn easy to have when you travel solo or when you just want to take a lot of photos with your travel companions. A selfie stick can definitely make your trip fun, doing all kinds of weird photoshoots PLUS you are guaranteed to bring home a lot of photos from your trip!

GoPro - The Tourist Of Life

A GoPro

While I’m not exactly a big fan of the quality of a GoPro I definitely like the fact that you can capture your boldest and most fun moments while traveling. I’ve used my GoPro before during snorkeling, mountain biking, motorbiking, and during beach buggy rides and quad rides. So much fun! These are the things I wouldn’t dare to capture with a normal camera (of course, I won’t dive into the water holding that thing), but GoPro makes it possible for us. Thank you!

An Iphone-lens

If you just want to travel light, or simply don’t have the space to bring your normal camera with you, you can just bring an extra Iphone-lens (or Samsung or whatever). A lens like this makes it possible for you to zoom in, to make photos with a wide angle or fisheye.. just with your mobile phone! This gadget is so easy, and super cheap, but it definitely makes your phone-shot-images a lot cooler!