6 Hours In Beijing – Video

I’ve spent the last two weeks in Asia. With a friend of mine I traveled to the Philippines, to discover two main islands: Palawan and Cebu. Even though our trip mainly was about the Philippines, our stop over was some serious fun too! I can never resist searching for a flight ticket with a great stop over. If you need to have a transfer, you might as well can make it a good one, right?

So while booking our tickets we found one with a stopover in Beijing, China. The Great Wall of China? The Forbidden City? Yes please! China has never been on top of my travel-list, and even though I wanted to see the things mentioned above really badly, I wouldn’t travel to Beijing quickly myself, so this stopover was the perfect way for us to see these two sights!

Of course, I filmed everything. And while I am mostly complaining about how tired I was because of my flight, I really did enjoy my experience visiting the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City!

P.s. the vlog is in Dutch.

Visiting The Great Wall Of China during a layover

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