6 Seven Day Itineraries For Your Next Trip To Europe

6 Seven Day Itineraries For Your Next Trip To Europe

A while back I wrote about 5 seven day itineraries for your next trip to Europe on my blog, which you can read here. Of course, as we all know, Europe can’t be captured in 5 itineraries, let alone in 5 itineraries that only last a week! So today I wanted to share a couple more itineraries with you, so you can brainstorm for your next trip to Europe!

I love writing and planning out itineraries, as this makes it possible for me to tell you a bit more about my travels through Europe but also because I think, that from all the articles that I write on this blog, articles like these can help you out the most.

Especially if you are a backpacker who wants to see a lot of Europe but doesn’t know where to start, these itineraries will save you a lot of trouble. So here you go: 6 more seven day itineraries for your next trip to Europe!

Sibenik, Croatia - The Tourist Of Life
Zadar - The Tourist Of Life
Sibenik, Croatia - The Tourist Of Life
Lower Lakes Plitvice National Park, Croatia - The Tourist Of Life

Zadar – Sibenik – Split

HISTORICAL, RELAXED, BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely love Croatia. I’ve visited the country last year and I definitely know this wasn’t the last visit I brought to the country. Croatia is beautiful. The cities are small and all seem to have the most wonderful ‘old part’. The cities of Croatia are filled with stories from their rich history and you will spend hours and hours walking around thinking and dreaming about all the things that happened here in the past.

Croatia also has some wonderful national parks that you can easily visit from out these three cities. National Parks like the Plitvice Lakes, which seems to be on everyones radar, but also National Parks like Krka and Kornati. Croatia really is the perfect mix for everyone who is looking for culture, nature and history.

HOW The cities Zadar, Sibenik and Split are all situated close to each other. You can travel by bus in between the cities which won’t take that long. Busses are easy to book in Croatia, are going on flexible hours and are pretty cheap. If you want to visit the National Parks in the region I would suggest you to book with a tour operator. You can book a visit to Plitvice in Zadar, and a visit to Kornati and Krka in Sibenik.

WHEN I visited Croatia in March last year. The temperature was so nice during this month! It was warm enough to sit outside and to enjoy the terraces and there were barely any other tourists. In summer it can get quite hot in Croatia – up to 40 degrees! I personally wouldn’t like traveling to Croatia in high season seeing the temperature but also with the huge amount of tourists that visit this region during the same months. Imagine walking through Plitvice in that heat with thousands of other tourists surrounding you!

Saksun, Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life
Gásadalur, Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life

The Faroe Islands

PEACEFUL, QUIET, UNIQUE. I visited the Faroe Islands last year and I still can’t shut up about it. Visiting the Faroe Islands has been a dream of mine since I can remember, and to finally visit feels unreal. The Faroe Islands are a stunning piece of European nature and it still blows my mind that so many tourists aren’t visiting these islands. If you want to visit a beautiful piece of Europe, and if you want to see something you can ONLY see in Europe you definitely should visit the Faroe Islands.. really, I can’t say it enough!

HOW Since there aren’t many people visiting the Faroe Islands (yet!), there aren’t much flights going there. You can book a flight from Copenhagen, for example, or from out Reykjavik. If you are traveling from the US, you can make it a perfect stopover: USA – Iceland – Faroe Islands – Scandinavia.

WHEN The weather in the Faroe Islands is unpredictable. To say the least. Throughout the year temperatures vary in between 0 and 20 degrees. In summer it gets a bit warmer but it never gets ‘warm’. Throughout the year it rains a lot, and while in summer there is a bit less rain the chances of fog are higher during these same months. Every month is beautiful, but you should definitely be prepared for the weather conditions. Don’t worry to much about high season: the Faroe Islands are pretty undiscovered. However, definitely book your hotels in advance – there aren’t many hotels so they can get fully booked quite easily.

Corfu, Greece - The Tourist Of Life
Corfu, Greece - The Tourist Of Life
Corfu, Greece - The Tourist Of Life

Island Hopping In Greece

WARM, CLASSIC, LUSTROUS. Many tourists want to visit Europe only to see Greece. While the rest of Europe is just as pretty, I can’t really blame them. Greece has the best climate, the prettiest beaches, the most lovely towns, a wonderful cuisine and a great vibe. Greece has about 6.000 islands and a week of island hopping is a week well spent. You can visit well-known islands like Corfu, Crete, and of course Santorini or choose to go to smaller, lesser known islands like Syros or Sifnos. However, a combination of well known and lesser known islands would be the perfect week in Greece, right?!

HOW You can either rely on ferry’s that travel around the islands, so you can have a bit more freedom when planning your trip, or you can book a cruise. The benefit of a cruise is that you know you definitely get the most out of your time in Greece, however I can understand a cruise isn’t for everybody. You can also, if you want to spend more time on one of the bigger islands, choose to make a couple of day trips, so you will return back at your own hotel at the end of the night, in stead of traveling around the islands.

WHEN I would say, even though I really don’t like traveling in high season, you should still visit Greece in high season. Greece has some beautiful beaches and you have some great snorkeling or diving area’s here. So make sure to visit when the water temperature is nice and you can spend your day at the beach without getting cold!

Venice, Italy - The Tourist Of Life
Venice, Italy - The Tourist Of Life

Verona – Venice – Bologna

ROMANTIC, SMALL, CULTURAL. There are so many possible Italy-itineraries I want to give you. Italy is one of my favorite countries in Europe and basically every corner of the country is pretty. You should visit Florence, the vineyards, the bigger cities, the coast and the most southern point of the country. However, to start with, let’s just talk about this itinerary. Verona, Venice and Bologna are a great combination for a seven day itinerary. All three cities aren’t necessarily big, so you can easily visit all three of them – the cities are pretty, they are old, have a lot of history and are perfect to visit. Taste some wine, have pizza or risotto and get lost in the small alleys.

HOW You can travel in between the cities by train or by bus. I assume that traveling by bus is cheaper but it will take you longer then when traveling by train. Train connections are pretty good in Italy so you can move from city to city quite easily. If you have a bit more time – or if you want to spend more time outside of the cities, you can rent a car and drive around and in between the cities to check out the countryside and in fact see the vineyards!

WHEN In summer Italy can get quite warm, so I would advice you to travel just before high season or right after – when the temperates are bearable and you won’t get lost in between the heaps of tourists – especially Venice is extremely busy in Summer.

Amalfi Coast, Italy - The Tourist Of Life
Amalfi Coast, Italy - The Tourist Of Life
Rome, Italy - The Tourist Of Life
Rome, Italy - The Tourist Of Life

Rome – Napels – Amalfi

HISTORICAL, ROMANTIC, UNBELIEVABLE. Rome is one of my favorite cities in Europe – it’s pretty, it’s romantic and if you are a history buff like me you’ll just need to visit it. Rome is one of the most important cities of Europe’s history and has some beautiful sightseeing: don’t forget the Colosseum and Vatican City.  From Rome you can easily travel to Napels and the Amalfi Coast. Napels is the birthplace if pizza, which already is a pretty good reason to visit, and Amalfi? The Amalfi coast is just something most travelers from outside of Europe are dying to see! And let me tell you: it doesn’t dissappoint!

HOW You can travel in between the cities by taking a train or a bus. The connection to Amalfi from out Naples is somewhat a little harder than from Rome to Naples, but once you see that view over the ocean and the houses of Amalfi.. you’re sold. You can also rent a car, but these roads can get pretty busy and for some reason Italian roads are always so hectic. I wouldn’t dare to drive in between all those Italians, but if you are an excellent driver.. you might survive. From the three places in this Itinerary I would spent the least time in Naples, but it really depends on how much of a beachlover you are and how much time you want to stay at the Amalfi Coast.

WHEN Rome is extremely crowded in Summer AND the heat gets ‘trapped’ in between the narrow alleys of the city which makes it quite hot during Summer. However if you want to do a lot of swimming in the Amalfi Coast you should travel in the hottest months of the year to make sure the water is warm enough to go swimming. Still, in combination with Rome and Naples I guess that visiting just before or after Summer would be the best period to travel.

Corsica, France - The Tourist Of Life
Corsica, France - The Tourist Of Life


QUIET, PEACEFUL, ROBUST. I visited Corsica a couple of years ago during high season. I was pleasantly surprised by the island. Corsica is beautiful, and while high mountains define the main land, the coast line has beautiful beaches, clear water and pretty, historical villages. Even though I visited during high season it was extremely quiet on the island, which makes it even nicer to visit. Corsica makes for a perfect seven day trip, but if you can you should stay longer!

HOW Don’t stay in one place when visiting Corsica! I would advice you to rent a car and travel around the island – don’t only travel around the coast and the beaches but also go up and into the mountains. I thought that the cities in the mountains were almost better to visit than the beach towns! You can travel to Corsica by airplane or by boat from Italy.

WHEN As I just said: even though we visited during high season, it was pretty quiet. So I would advice you to travel during high season, so you can chill at the beach, and swim while enjoying the quietness!

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    Itineraries are so hard. On my first trip to Europe, it was all about capital cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Rome….
    After living in Europe (different countries) for over 20 years, my ideas have changed. Yes, the highlights tend to be in the capitals, but the value for the money is in the smaller cities and the countryside. You have a nice number of options here that mix big cities with smaller, more affordable centers. Where I live now is a great base for seeing beaches, mountains, history, nature….all while far less expensive than many other French destinations.

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