As Europe is pretty famous among travelers from out Asia, America and Oceania you can actually find tourists almost everywhere. But for some reason there are still some cities left in Europe that don’t attract as much travelers as they actually deserve. For die-hard travelers this is a pretty good outcome, as this means that they will have the time in this cities to discover everything without standing in mass crowds and without having to queue for everything they want to see. For the cities named below it won’t take long before tourists will discover them and that is why you should visit them now, now they are still pretty ‘undiscovered’.

Riga, Latvia

Riga is the capital of Latvia.. a small city with an amazing amount of charmes. Riga is starting to get discovered by tourists, but a lot of people still don’t know what you should do in Riga, or haven’t heard of it all together. Riga is investing a lot in tourism right now and it won’t take long before it will get discovered, which is why you should go now. As Riga was a part of the Sovjet Union before there is a lot of interesting history, but there are also a lot of amazing buildings and musea in this city.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is one of Europe’s prettiest cities, but few people have heard of it. Ljubljana is filled with beautiful buildings and vivid markets and squares. As Ljubljana doesn’t have big tourist attractions it doesn’t attract a lot of tourists, but this city is definitely worth a visit before it gets discovered!

Antwerp, Belgium

As Antwerp isn’t a typical city for tourists, it isn’t very crowded yet. But Antwerp still is one of the biggest cities of Belgium and it is definitely something you should visit. Antwerp can be compared with Brussels if you look at the houses and the typical architecture of it, but the special thing about Antwerp is that it is a very sympathetic city with very kind people, small and cute restaurants AND -not to forget- it is the fashion capital of Belgium!

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina 


This little village in Bosnia & Herzegovina is an amazing place, and photographers love it. It is a must see and soon a lot more people from over the world will think so as well. As a small city is quickly filled with tourists you should visit it now, now it is still a pretty unfamiliar place.

Lille, France



At the north of France there is the city Lille, a quite undiscovered city, but oh so pretty. I don’t know exactly why, but Lille has a certain ‘charm’ and it is actually a pretty cute town, filled with bars and bistros, little boutiques and little streets you should wander through. Lille probably is the most underrated city of France, but now you know of its existence you should visit it. From out Paris it is actually pretty easy to reach!

Bergen, Norway


When thinking of Norway you think about Oslo, but did you think about Bergen too? Surrounded by nature, and an amazing view at the water Bergen is probably one of the prettiest locations of Norway, but a lot of people have never heard of it. Still, Bergen is soon to be discovered by loads of tourists as it keeps getting more and more tourist attention and press attention. So quickly visit it, before everyone else does!

Kiev, Ukraine


A lot of people don’t consider Ukraine as a location where it is safe to travel to, so they don’t. This is why Ukraine is a pretty much undiscovered country where you won’t find a lot of tourists. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a pretty country to visit. Kiev, for example is one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine and absolutely underrated. But now that solo travelers take over the world and fewer people are held back by fear of traveling to ‘unsafe’ destinations it is likely that Ukraine won’t be undiscovered for long. So, that being said, you can understand why you should go to Kiev quickly!