Pipa, Brazil - The Tourist Of Life

Northeast Brazil is one of those regions that has something for everyone. Unless you are not a lover for the sun – then my advice would be to skip a visit to this part of the world. Further than that? It has something for everyone. Whether you want to relax and party, be the adventurous you, or if you just want to discover some cultural aspects of Brazil.


This part of Brazil is untouched, far from western and pure – and as far as I can tell it is completely different from more Southern regions as well as Rio Do Janeiro. Today I wanted to share the experiences with you that you should definitely not miss out on when you visit this part of Brazil. Because part of what made my visit to Brazil so memorable were these exact experiences!

Pipa, Brazil - The Tourist Of Life
Beach in Pipa, Brazil - The Tourist Of Life
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Sao Miguel Do Gostoso, Rio Grande Do Norte


Swim with Dolphins at Dolphin Bay – Pipa –  Our guides told us there was a high chance we would see some dolphins at the Dolphin Bay. Little did I know we would see a big group of them and that we could swim and kayak in between them. At first it was scary. You wouldn’t see any dolphins at all when all of the sudden they popped up right in front of you or swam under you. I even was too afraid to paddle because I was scared I would hit a dolphin. After a while, after I was a bit more relaxed, it became so much fun! How awesome is it to swim and kayak in between wild dolphins and see them swimming so close to you. Definitely spend some time at the dolphin bay because there definitely is a ‘high chance’ of seeing a dolphin.

Dolphin Beach Pipa, Brazil - The Tourist Of Life
Buggy tour, Rio Grande Do Norte, Brazil - The Tourist Of Life


Take a buggy tour in Natal – If there is one thing you can’t get around in this part of Brazil it definitely is a buggy tour. We took one in (and around) Natal and around Sao Miguel Do Gostoso. Drive over the beach in full speed, and go over and up the dunes. For parts of the buggy tour I definitely feared for my life, but at the same time I loved it. You seriously feel like you’re riding a rollercoaster. My favorite buggy tour was the one in Natal, where we made stops at beautiful sightseeing points.


Surf at Sao Miguel Do Gostoso – If you can surf or want to learn how to surf you can definitely do so in this region of Brazil. Basically you can surf at almost every beach you come across – accompanied by dolphins even. But we were told that surfing was best in the surfers-mecca of Brazil: Sao Miguel Do Gostoso. This little village hosts some of the biggest surfing competitions of Brazil so the waves are definitely worth a try!


Drive a quad – For the daredevils among us: this region is also perfect for driving a quad. We rented a quad around Natal and drove around for about an hour after swimming and lunching. Conquer the dunes and hit the gas. Or stay safely on the back of a quad, like I did;-)

Dolphin Beach Pipa, Brazil - The Tourist Of Life


Swim, swim and swim – Rio Grande Do Norte is famous for her many beaches, clear waters, waves and fresh coconuts you can order at one of the beach bars. So I advice you to do one thing: swim, and see as many beaches as you possibly can fit into your schedule.


Visit the biggest cashew tree of the world – This visit will take 30 minutes of your time max. But this tree definitely is a large tree. Correction: this tree is a forest. This ‘experience’ is a only in Brazil experience so therefor: take a quick stop at the cashew tree, drink some of the cashew juice and buy some cashew souvenirs for your friends at home. Really: cashews enough.


Spend a night in Pipa – I loved Pipa, absolutely loved it. As quiet as the city is during the day, is as lively as it gets during the nights. It literally seems like every Brazilian who lives in the neighborhood goes to Pipa in the evening to dine, laugh and dance. Eat your heart out in one of the many restaurants, buy a bikini or two and enjoy a cocktail in a local bar. Seriously – do so!

Seven Experiences You Shouldn't Miss In Rio Grande Do Norte Brazil. Things you should do in Rio Grande Do Norte

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