Does a visit to Cuba sound like a fairly unusual way to spend your holidays? It is! But that’s to your advantage. Why let yourself be jostled about in tourist traps where you have to wait in endless queues to get ripped off? How do you like competing for a few square feet of beach? Cuba has all the attractions of more well-known tourist destinations: white beaches, incredibly blue seas, atmosphere-laden old towns, magnificent vistas and more, without the crowds. Get there before everyone discovers the secret!


Scenic splendour

What kind of scenery do you like best? If mountain vistas are what you enjoy most, you have the choice of seven scenic mountain ranges clad in tropical greenery and edged with tumbling waterfalls. Perhaps you’d like to explore the shaded, green depths of a real tropical jungle – no problem, you’ve come to the right place when you visit Cuba.


Cuba - The Tourist Of Life


City action and quiet villages

Maybe you’d like to visit picturesque villages or explore historic cities. You’ll find them here. If you’re looking for a bit of bustle and action, Havana is a must-visit. Here you can experience a unique party atmosphere complete with salsa music and enjoy the faded magnificence of colonial era buildings.


For most visitors from Europe, however, it’s the beaches that are irresistible. Expanses of palm fringed, sandy beaches make for a dream getaway, particularly in the depths of winter. Of course, Havana is also the best-known destination in Cuba. There are plenty of tourist attractions and things to do here – but don’t get stuck in Havana. Make sure that you see other parts of Cuba too. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.


Cuba - The Tourist Of Life


A tropical island holiday

Many people don’t realise that Cuba consists of more than one island. Mainland Cuba is pretty big, but the Cayos are small islands that perfectly fit the image of the kind of tropical islands everyone dreams about. Best of all, although they’re quiet, there’s no need to become a modern Robinson Crusoe. The tourist facilities are excellent, and beachfront hotels like Sol Cayo Guillermo and Sol Cayo Coco offer the traveller luxurious accommodation in this exotic location.


The Cayos are a paradise for divers and snorkelers thanks to the coral reefs teeming with a fantastic variety of colourful, tropical fish. Surfers will also find plenty of action, but if you just want to lounge around on the beach, you won’t be disappointed either. The sands of the Cayos are incredibly white and fine – the beaches look like something out of a fantasy! No visit to Cuba is complete without a trip to the Cayos. Escape the crowds, sit back and relax. That’s what holidays should be all about.


Great weather

Thanks to its tropical location, the weather is fantastic all year round. Very rarely, hurricanes may strike. This usually happens between June and November. For the rest of the year, you can’t go wrong with the weather, and you can expect to bask in sunshine.

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