Seljalandsfoss Iceland

Cold fresh air, countless numbers of waterfalls, whales and landscapes that seem endless. Iceland was one of the destinations that, very early in my traveling days, made the cut of ‘countries that I need to visit.. fast!’.

Luckily the day that I could visit Iceland arrived sooner than expected. Together with budget airline WOW Air I flew to Iceland as a stopover before going to Miami. Two totally different worlds, I know. But as crazy as it seems – going from driving the endless, snowy roads of Iceland to baking in the heat of Miami beach – made for a great combination. Somehow the world seems a lot smaller when you combine entire different destinations into one trip.

Even though Iceland was ‘only’ a stopover, nobody ever said that a stopover can’t last longer than a day. And that is why our stopover lasted as long as six nights and six days. The perfect amount of time to drive the Ring Road of Iceland. Yes. The entire Ring Road.

I’ve got so many stories I want to tell you about Iceland, but let’s start with a massive photo diary of my trip! And trust me, when I say massive – I mean it.

Ringroad Roadtrip IcelandRingroad Roadtrip IcelandABOVE: We arrived in Iceland around 10 in the evening. After collecting our luggage and picking up our rental there wasn’t much time left to do something productive. So we booked a hotel close to the airport to start the road trip the day after. Our road trip was a huge succes thanks to this big 4×4, which we named David – possibly my dream car. Best thing about it? It wasn’t white! We learned that most rental cars in Iceland are white, which made it far easier for us to find our own car back!

We hired our car at SADcars. A budget car company that has a great selection of good quality rentals for your roadtrip! If you happen to end up with the same rental we had – say hello to him for us;-)

Seljalandsfoss IcelandSeljalandsfoss IcelandABOVE: After hours of driving, the Seljalandsfoss was the first stop we made. Well, with the exception of the budget supermarkets and pee-breaks before. With our navigation in hand we tried to find the Seljalandsfoss. Little did we know that this massive, massive waterfall was just next to the Ring Road. We actually spotted it from miles away already!

Even though the Seljalandsfoss was the first waterfall I saw in Iceland, it remained my favorite one during the next days and during the next many encounters with more waterfalls.

BELOW: Right next to the Seljalandsfoss we stumbled upon the hidden Gljúfrafoss. First impressions of Iceland? Good!

Gljúfrafoss Iceland

The black beach of Vic - IcelandThe black beach of Vic - IcelandABOVE: The black beach of Vik – one of the must-sees when driving the South coast of Iceland. Impressive. That’s for sure.

BELOW: The South part of the Island is still one of my favorite parts of Iceland. It’s perfect, and has so many hidden gems, beautiful waterfalls and amazing landscapes. If you only have a few days in Iceland I would definitely recommend you to drive South!

Skógafoss IcelandSkógafoss IcelandSvartifoss icelandFjadrargljufur Canyon iceland

Fjadrargljufur Canyon icelandFjadrargljufur Canyon icelandABOVE: The unbelievably beautiful Fjadrargljufur Canyon, which also is located in the South of Iceland. I still can’t believe how breathtaking nature can be like.

BELOW: Exploring the Myvatn area – North West of Iceland. Myvatn is known for her geisers and spas – which happen to be a lot less touristic as the Blue Lagoon close to Reykjavik. While not spending any time at the springs of Myvatn the area was really pretty to discover. It looks so different from the rest of the country!

Ringroad Roadtrip IcelandMyvatn area IcelandMyvatn area IcelandMyvatn area IcelandMyvatn area IcelandMyvatn area Iceland

BELOW: Being an absolute tourist and photographing the ponies of Iceland. These photos were taken during our drive through the Golden Circle. Because.. hey.. we had some time left!

Golden Circle IcelandGolden Circle IcelandRingroad Roadtrip IcelandABOVE: On our fifth night in Iceland we arrived at this amazing cabin in the middle of nowhere (somewhere in the North West). Literally – the middle of nowhere. It took us a detour of more than one hour off the Ring Road, a lot of mountains and even driving through snow to get to this cabin. Definitely worth it though – for sure my favorite stay in Iceland!

BELOW: On or last two days we visited Reykjavik – so crazy to enter the capital of a country that is so calm and quiet everywhere else. It’s like entering an entire new world.

Reykjavik icelandReykjavik icelandReykjavik icelandReykjavik icelandReykjavik icelandReykjavik iceland