As much as I love warm weather.. I love winter more. For an European girl there is nothing better than spending Christmas in a cold, snowy area. But I know for one that a lot of people disagree with me and much rather travel to warm winter destinations to celebrate Christmas and the holidays. So where should you go? That’s right. Turkey!

As a country that is as well an European country as an Asian country it has influences from both sides, which makes it such an amazing destination to visit. Turkey will give you a huge amount of culture, nature, vivid cities and for the relaxers among us.. a lot of beaches and nice weather.

So where should you go?


Istanbul - The Tourist Of Life
Istanbul - The Tourist Of Life

The biggest city and one of Turkeys most famous cities has been a highlight on many travelers to-go-to lists. And it should be on yours too! In Istanbul you can really experience the influences from the East, which makes it such a beautiful city. Istanbul has a lot of amazing art, architecture and the most lovely markets (make sure you go to the Grand Bazaar!) to visit.


Bodrum, Turkey - The Tourist Of LifeBodrum, Turkey - The Tourist Of Life

Bodrum is probably one of the most visited places for tourists who are just looking for a great time and for those who just want to spend their week at the shore. But Bodrum is more than swimming and tanning. At daytime Bodrum is a great place to hike, visit markets, shop and to explore the city, while at night Bodrum changes into a great place to have a drink and to go out. Oh, one other thing that is so great about Bodrum: with just a 20 minute ferry trip you can go to the Greek Island Kos!


Antalya, Turkey - The Tourist Of LifeAntalya, Turkey - The Tourist Of Life

Antalya is probably one of my favorite cities of Turkey. Antalya has such a rich history and a lot of cultural things to experience. Antalya is close to the city Side where a lot of ruins are from the time the Romans lived there. So when you go to Antalya make sure to take a day trip to Side! Besides going to Side you can go to the bazaar of Antalya, and you can go hiking and diving!


 Dalaman, Turkey - The Tourist Of LifeDalaman, Turkey - The Tourist Of Life

Dalaman has the most amazing beaches, clear waters and places to go diving, so for the water-freaks among us Dalaman is the place to be. Further than that you can enjoy the coast line of Dalaman, the markets and a lot of historical sights. The one you see above is in Mamaris, a city you can easily reach from Dalaman!

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