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London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

Do you know that, even after writing so many articles, and after writing so many stories, this page is by far the hardest to write? What should you tell about yourself, how should you describe yourself? How can I write down my story, interesting enough to make sure you won’t think of me like I am the dullest person on earth.

Well, yeah.. maybe I am just a little bit boring.

I probably am though.

Let’s just get started then.

SO HERE I AM Yvonne, a 23 year old girl – no, pardon me: female- from the Netherlands. So every time someone asks me if I live close to Amsterdam, the Hague or Rotterdam I have to disappoint them: I live in the most boring part of the Netherlands – sorry if I offend anyone reading this, who I know personally. But really, it’s a place even Dutchies don’t know, because it basically is too small to even be recognized as a real place.

Ok, mustn’t complain so much – I do live in the middle of a national park, I am surrounded by a beautiful bunch of friends, slightly nosy neighbors who will definitely keep the burglars away, and by far the best: one of the cheapest airports (just guessing, not a fact) in Europe, is right around the block. Which is my perfect little escape, because as you might have guessed already: I am a bit of a traveler.

I LEARN A LOT I hated learning in high school. Mostly because I had to learn all these courses that I didn’t really feel connected to. Mostly just math, chemistry and more math. Yeah, I absolutely hated math.

When I was 16 I had to choose a University. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a 16 year old to choose a University? One that will determine the rest of your life? I didn’t do much research. As one of the very few lucky folks in our class I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to write, but I also wanted to be able to do the ‘behind the scenes stuff’ like graphic design, public relations and marketing.

There was only one study that connected these things into one: Communications.

After four years of the real student life – living in dorm rooms, working in a restaurant at night, sleeping in and going out with my friends I graduated University. I was 20 and had my degree in hands. What next?

I am still working on the ‘what next’ part. Since two years I have, for what seems, the perfect job , working as a marketeer, doing some freelancing and blogging on the side. but in the meantime I am still learning, because I learned to love it. I love to learn new languages, I love to learn nerdy things like coding and Photoshop and I love to learn about things that I wonder about. I love to watch documentaries and read books about marketing theories and companies.

My friends always come to me when they’ve got a question about random things.  And not without reason. They all know that I always have a ‘fun fact’ to tell them: honestly I know the most random things about everything.

Loving the outdoors: this is why you should like to hike - The Tourist Of Life
Loving the outdoors: this is why you should like to hike - The Tourist Of Life

I TALK A LOT or should I say: I ramble a lot. My brain goes from here to there without a logical order, and sometimes I throw a thought out in the open for everyone to enjoy. Mostly I get just a lot of weird looks from my friends, who are trying to comprehend what I am saying. Sometimes I find someone who understands what I am saying, and we’ll ramble on and on about what so ever.

Most of my stories, nowadays, involve my travels. Which I get, is probably extremely annoying for people who don’t like to travel, but I can’t help it: I create memories by traveling, and above all: I create stories abroad.

I DREAM A LOT Creating stories has always been me. I am a dreamer, a total dreamer. To be honest, I can’t even remember most of my schooldays from age 4 to 10, because I was always dreaming in my ‘own’ world – never paying attention to anything around me. That didn’t change much in high school though, but the dreaming got replaced by more talking at that point – so that kinda took my focus away from class.

I can dream the most crazy things. My creativity has no boundaries, even though I say so myself. I can think about anything to everything, and for the most part of my life I WANT to do everything.

I can dream vividly, I can dream entrepreneurial, I can dream about ‘what if’ and ‘how about’. I can dream about anything really, but mostly I like to dream about goals and make them reality.

I WRITE A LOT Ever since I can remember I’ve been writing stories. And ever since I remember I wanted to study journalism or something similar. When I was little, I used to write ‘news’-articles after seeing the news my parents just watched. I started writing a new novel, almost every day, too. But nope, my books still aren’t for sale – not even finished, actually.

When I was 12 I started my own ‘fashion’-blog, writing about the latest trends and about beauty brands – yeah, if you see my outfits you can maybe guess why that didn’t turn out to be my passion in life. Not a fashionista at heart, I must say.

I stopped writing for my fashionblog when I was around 15, but blogging never left my list of hobbies. For some time I kept creating new blogs. I deleted them and created them, until I wanted to get more serious: time to create yet one another blog – but this time it’s for real.

Brazil - The Tourist Of Life

I’M A PERFECTIONIST You know what my problem is? I am a lazy perfectionist. Does anyone else have that problem? The thing is that I am definitely a perfectionist. I definitely have my goals. But I all want them to be done now, now that I am excited, now that I am creative, now that I am ready for it. I can be hard on myself. I can get angry when something doesn’t work out the way I want it to. I want to do everything, but I don’t want to mess it up – so I just don’t start. A.k.a. lazy perfectionist.

Anyhow, I’m drifting off into a different story here.

By starting my travelblog, The Tourist Of Life, I definitely found out that I was a perfectionist. I want to do it perfect, it is my little project, my little, online, personal diary of travels. And I treasure it, as much as I treasure my travels. My blog is the keeper of my memories, and I want it to be perfect, both for you and for me! I want you to have that same sensation about a trip or a destination as I had at the time, and I want myself to remember it correctly, keeping the memory vivid.

I AM A TRAVELER Ever since I was little my parents took me around Europe. Or actually, they dragged me through Europe in their caravan. I wasn’t a huge fan of the caravan. They dragged me through the forests and up the mountains, they pushed me onto kayaks and into hiking boots.

Little did I know I grew to love it. Who knew that at the age of 23 I would have visited close to 30 countries? Visiting museums, trying out local dishes, grabbing my hiking boots, climbing up mountains myself, and taking in endless views sighting and saying how beautiful nature can be. I’m laughing at myself how much I am starting to look like my mother and how little I look like the regular adolescent who is most likely to sleep in with a hang over after yet another night of partying.

Really, my parents still wonder who the f*ck I am and how I became such an adventurous little soul.

I don’t know either. But I do know that I am one, adventurous, little soul.