Brussels City Guide

Brussels is probably one of the most underrated capitals of Europe, a lot of people don’t want to visit the city because they think it doesn’t have much to offer. I don’t know why people think that actually. Well, Brussels maybe doesn’t have an Eiffel Tower, but that doesn’t mean you should skip a visit to the city. So what can you do here? I’ll tell you!


Brussels Belgium


Walking through the city

The best thing about Brussels is that it is a walkable city and you can pretty much go everywhere without spending a dime on transport. So where to walk to? One of the first things that will cross your path is the ‘Grote Markt’, the biggest and most well known squares of Brussels. After you’ve seen the Grote Markt you probably want to go to Manneken Pis, which is one of the monuments (I guess you can call it a monument) of Brussels. Well, lets be honest – the only reason you should go to Manneken Pis is to be entertained. Or at least, I found it a quite disappointing statue;-). Further than that you should visit the St. Micheal and Gudula Cathedral, check out Meeting Centre Square and the Royal Palace. Be sure to take a lot to detours from point A to B to C etcetera. No street and no house in Brussels is the same!


Brussels Belgium - The Tourist Of Life


Brussels is filled with museums, and with filled I literally mean filled. If you are not planning to visit two, you should visit three museums. So the first one you have to check out is the Chocolate Museum, obviously. I also recommend visiting the Museum of Science, The Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the Magritte Museum. And then you also have the Brewery Museum, the Museum of Military History and the Auto Museum, and so on, and so one. It depends on your interests what you should visit really, Brussels has a museum for everything!


Atomium, Brussels - The Tourist Of Life


The Atomium

We all know the image of the Atomium. And I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that the Atomium is probably the biggest highlight of Brussels. The Atomium consists out of 9 balls, all as big as houses(!), and is designed in a way to represent iron atoms. The Atomium is build as a symbol of postwar progress but has over the years become next to a monument a big landmark. The Atomium is easy to reach from out Brussels by metro. Be sure to also visit the Ossegempark and Mini-Europe while you are at the Atomium!


Brussels Belgium


Random tips

  • Belgium chocolate, Belgium fries, Belgium beer, Belgium waffles.. you know you have to taste them!
  • What about a day trip to Amsterdam, Maastricht, Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent?  All easy to reach by train from out Brussels, and therefor something you should do!
  • Did I just mentioned Belgium beer? I am going to mention it again, anyway. Belgium has the best beer and therefor a lot of cafés to drink all these beers in. Go to A la Bécasse to enjoy a true Brussels-bar-experience and to enjoy lots of beer
  • And next to cafés to drink beer you also have a lot of cafés to drink coffee. What about visiting these ones? Le Fontainas, Cook & Book and Café de la Presse
  • Shopping in Brussels? Go to the Sint Hubertusgallerijen and to the main shopping street Nieuwstraat

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