The Street Art Of Miami

When I visited Miami last month I had to visit the vivid, but mostly the colorful neighborhood of Wynwood. An area, in the center of Miami, away from Miami Beach that is known for her murals and hipster-like restaurants. And so, on the second day we were in the American capital of parties, bikinis and palmtrees we decided to rent two bikes, face the heat and headed towards Wynwood.

Filled with fancy, gorgeous and quirky street art it is no surprise Wynwood is such a big hit for tourists. We definitely weren’t the only tourists around the area that tried to pose in front of the murals. Wynwood isn’t the first ‘street art’-neighborhood I’ve seen during my travels. However, it definitely is the biggest one I’ve seen – with literally the most colorful creations everywhere: in buildings, on buildings and even on the ground.

Wynwood is a perfect little escape for a stroll: read morning stroll – it literally is too hot to be here in the afternoon. Trust me on this: stay around the beach in the afternoon.

So how to get to Wynwood? I would definitely recommend to rent a bike when visiting the area. You can either rent a bike yourself or join a bike tour. The best part of renting your own bike is that you can combine your visit to Wynwood with a visit to for example Little Havana. Of course, if you join a bike tour you’ll get more information about Wynwood and her murals – so both have their plus! You can also visit Wynwood with the Hop-on-Hop-off bus, so if you bought your ticket for these ones already, Wynwood makes for a perfect stop!


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  • I hear Miami has some really cool art. I really want to check out Art Basel one day!