Traveling is fun.. as long as you can afford it. So why not make it affordable? In cities like Paris, London, Edinburgh and Helsinki you know you are going to pay a lot for your stay your food and transport. Luckily there are enough destinations in Europe where you can go on a budget. In this article I named my list of must-visit cheap destinations of Europe.. enjoy!


Czech Republic

 Prague - The Tourist Of Life

The Czech Republic, and her cities like Prague are a highlight for many backpackers who travel through Europe. Once you see the city and country yourself you know why. Even though Prague is a pretty ‘famous’ city it still is one of Europe’s cheapest locations. No reasons to not visit it!



Ukraine - The Tourist Of Life

While a lot of areas of Ukraine aren’t particularly safe to visit right now, there are some locations you can perfectly visit without getting harmed or without getting yourself in trouble. For example: Kiev. Best thing about Kiev? It still is a relatively unknown city, and therefor perfect to discover!


Romania - The Tourist Of Life

Romania has it all: nature, cities and culture. Be sure to visit Romania and enjoy every side the country has.



Poland - The Tourist Of Life

Poland is the destination to visit for history-lovers among us. As Poland has a very interesting history as well as a very impressive one. Be sure to visit destinations as Krakow and Warsaw while in Poland.



Riga, Latvia - The Tourist Of Life

Latvia is the home of charming and cute cities like Riga. As Latvia was a former Russian country it has a lot of style influences from out Russia which makes this a vey amazing destination to visit! When you are in Latvia make sure to also visit Estonia and her capital Tallinn.



Budapest - The Tourist Of Life

The pearl of eastern Europe and a must visit of Europe if you ask me. Hungary is the home of capital Budapest but has far more to offer than just that, and all of it for just a budget price!