Since London is probably one of the biggest and famous cities of the world, England has a hard time to top that with their other cities. We all know that England has more to offer than just London, but did we ever consider seeing more than London before? In this article I give you five cities you should visit in England, apart from London!



Oxford, England - The Tourist Of Life

Close to London AND easy to reach from out London there is the city Oxford. Oxford is a small city but great to visit. The city center is filled with old and amazingly designed buildings. Further than that you can also enter a lot of museums, churches and take tours through the city. Also: the people at Oxford are really nice and there are a lot of bars and pubs, so good times are guaranteed!



Liverpool, England - The Tourist Of Life

At the west side of England you find Liverpool. One of the biggest commercial harbors of England, but also known as a relatively safe city (for the solo travelers among us). Art and history lovers should definitely go to Liverpool as the city has a lot of museums devoted to these subjects. But Liverpool is also known for other things: do you want to see sports like football, visit pubs, clubs or do you want to shop? Go to Liverpool! And just one other fun fact: Liverpool is the hometown of The Beatles, so you can find out more about them while visiting the city!


Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life

Down at the south of England there is the little city Brighton. Brighton is one of the most popular places to visit in England during summer period. Can’t blame tourists, as summer in Brighton means a vibrant atmosphere, swimming and a big dose of fun! Besides visiting the shore of Brighton you should also visit it because of the city center, where small and cute streets are filled with even smaller and cuter restaurants and shops. Brighton is definitely a place to go to!



Manchester, England - The Tourist Of Life


When I think about Manchester I think about Manchester United, so that would also be the first reason why I say you should visit Manchester. Manchester United is one of the biggest football teams of England, and therefor will give you a great ‘English’ experience. Of course Manchester has more to offer than just football. For example they have a lot of museums, art galleries and landmarks to visit. In between your visits to these museums and landmarks you should pay attention to the mix of old and new buildings in the city.. very cool to see!


Leeds, England - The Tourist Of Life


One of the fastest growing cities of England, up in the north of the country. Leeds is a mix of very old and very modern, which you will notice right away when you walk through the city. So while it is beautiful to see you can also explore some museums and landmarks and you can also shop in their massive shopping center Trinity Leeds. Also: Leeds is close to a lot of nature area’s, and therefor a reason I named it in this list. So be sure to plan a trip to national parks such as Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors while you are in Leeds.