I can’t remember how many times people have asked me whether or not Amsterdam was a country, and where The Netherlands was situated. Not, surprising as the country is so small and mostly famous for Amsterdam, but still it would be better if I didn’t got these questions. People from all over the world know the stories about Amsterdam – the wild stories mostly. But what about the rest of The Netherlands? Just because it is such a small country makes it that it is so easy to travel around there, and I can definitely recommend to do so! So here you go; five cities to visit in The Netherlands besides Amsterdam!


utrecht the netherlands

Utrecht, the city looks a little bit like Amsterdam, vividly.. filled with canals and the architecture of the houses are mostly the same. Still, Utrecht has a lot of things Amsterdam doesn’t have – while it is one of the biggest cities of The Netherlands it is respectably small which makes it a very fun city – everyone knows everyone. Utrecht has a lot of small boutiques, museums, cafes and as one of the biggest student cities of The Netherlands you’re going to have a good time!



Volendam is the most ‘typical’ dutch city you’ll find. Funny, as while typical, it is a unique one in The Netherlands. You’ll find everything in Volendam of what you’ve been dreaming about: cheese, clogs, old boats, old houses, farms, wind meals.. you name it!


keukenhof, lisse nederland, the netherlands

A visit to Holland isn’t complete without a visit to Lisse and I’m guessing that you’ve seen it already if you’ve been to Amsterdam. Keukenhof (the name of the tulips park) is the place to be if you want to see the Dutch tulips, it is a gorgeous place during spring and there are a lot of excursions to Keukenhof from Amsterdam. You should definitely see it!


nijmegen the netherlands

Nijmegen – while not being born in the city it definitely feels like coming home every time I go there. The past four years Nijmegen actually was my home – while I and dozens of other students were struggling to get our diploma there. Yes: 75% of the people who live in Nijmegen are students, and that is one of the reasons why it is such a great, vivid and amazing city to visit.


maastricht, the netherlands, nederland

Dutch people are always fighting over which is the oldest city of Holland: Nijmegen or Maastricht. Still, Maastricht looks respectably older. Which means that there is a lot of history and culture. Maastricht is also very close to the Vaalserberg; the highest and only mountain (or should I say the highest hill) of The Netherlands. If you are able to visit Maastricht and the Vaalserberg you should also make a stop at Valkenburg – one of the cutest, smallest, oldest and prettiest towns of Holland.