There are certain destinations that just never cross your mind. It doesn’t make them less prettier, it doesn’t make it less worth to visit them. You just don’t consider them when you think about what you will visit next. Europe has a lot of undiscovered places, as well as places that are known as winter-destinations. However.. ever thought about visiting these places in summer? And ever thought about discovering the undiscovered? The Tourist Of Life gives you five unexpected summer locations across Europe that are definitely worth your time!



Svalbard - The Tourist Of Life


As close as you will ever get to the north pole: Svalbard. Not your typical summer destination.. but it will definitely be the highlight of your summer. At Svalbard you probably won’t be able to walk around in a bikini (unless you are a bit of a daredevil), but as well as other places in Europe Svalbard reaches her best temperatures during summer months. Also, during summer you’ll  be able to hike and enjoy different types of activities. Enjoy this amazing piece of nature, and explore the region of Svalbard while you can!


The Azores

The Alzores - The Tourist Of Life
Europe is a pretty easy continent to travel through: hire a car and you can almost get anywhere you like. One of the only places you may not get so fast? The Azores.. quite the forgotten place. And while this group of islands probably doesn’t cross your mind that often, they are amazing to visit! You will not get more secluded in Europe than you will at the Azores.


The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life


Until a couple of months ago I had never heard of this group of islands before. As soon as I did I fell in love, and I’ll be jealous of everyone who has visited them. The Faroe Islands are a small group of islands, and with just around 50.000 habitants and only a couple of hotels you will not find a lot of tourists surrounding you. However, you will have the best summer of your life as The Faroe Islands are absolutely stunning!


Salzburg (and region), Austria

Salzburg - The Tourist Of Life

Whoever said Salzburg is a winter (and winter ONLY) destination should check again. It’s quite the opposite actually. I mean, whenever you are visiting Salzburg in winter you cannot act like you are playing in the Sound Of Music, you can not go on hikes and you probably don’t feel like being outside for too long to discover natures’ best and the architecture of Salzburg as it is to cold. No, Salzburg is definitely not a winter only destination, and if you don’t have plans for your summer yet you should seriously consider it. Tip: renting a car will allow you to visit Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest as well! Of course, you can also head south and make your way to Croatia!



Macedonia - The Tourist Of Life

Macedonia? ‘Sorry, never heard of it, let alone knowing where it’s geographically located.’ Let me assure you: whenever you DO find out and when you DO know how it looks and what the ‘to-do’s’ are in Macedonia.. you’ll want to visit it. An absolutely stunning country with both nature and cities to see. Best thing about it? It’s a really small country and you can easily explore all of it. Still got time left? Head over north and plan a road trip towards Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina!