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I just returned back from my trip to Budapest, Hungary, and while I was happy to return home yesterday after an exhausting few days I now am home, feeling very sad and homesick over Budapest. It really is a beautiful city, and before I arrived to the city I had no idea that the buildings, churches and the Parlement were so freaking beautiful. I now truly understand why people talk about it as an underestimated city – although I don’t feel about it like that the same way as it was packed with tourists. However – you don’t know the beauty of Budapest, before you have visited it yourself!


I think I have pretty much seen all the highlights of Budapest, and it was hard to cover it all in only a couple of days, but it works!  I need a feet massage though, but it works. So here they are for you: the highlights of Budapest!

Fisherman's Bastion Budapest - The Tourist Of Life

Fishermans Bastion


Fishermans Bastion is one of the most famous designs of Budapest, situated on the Buda-side of Budapest. People don’t quite know why it is called the Fishermans Bastion but they think it is because the fishermen of Budapest lived here and sold their fish here. Fishermans Bastion is high on the hill of Buda and offers you the most beautiful view over the city!


Budapest - The Tourist Of Life

Matthias Church


I’ve sat in this church for around an hour. While it isn’t one of the biggest churches I have seen it definitely hits the top 10 list of most-beautiful churches. As I sat there I found a new detail every minute. Seriously: you can’t be done ‘exploring’ this church in just one walk through it. You have to soak it up. The Matthias Church is situated at the square of the Fishermans Bastion.


Budapest - The Tourist Of Life

The Parliament


The most beautiful building of Budapest, inside and out. So seriously, don’t just walk around it, but take the guided tour THROUGH it. It truly is a magnificent building and you’ll learn quite a few things about the history of Budapest and the Parliament. You even get to see the crown jewels!


Budapest - The Tourist Of Life

The Royal Palace


Have you ever seen such a big palace? While you can’t take a ‘palace-tour’ you can go to the National Gallery, the library of Budapest and the historical museum of Budapest that are all situated in the Palace. I went to the National Gallery, but wished I had more time so I could see the other two as well! You should also stick around the Royal Palace for some time to get breath taken by the view over Budapest, during day and nighttime!


Budapest - The Tourist Of Life

The Chain Bridge


Obviously, the Chain Bridge is the ultimate sign you are in Budapest. I can tell you that you should visit it but it is undeniable and  impossible to NOT see it. But just walk over it at least once, just because you can. Just because you are in Budapest.


Budapest - The Tourist Of Life



Margaretha Island


Margaretha Island is an island situated in the middle of the Donau, just a little further than the Parliament building. Margaretha Island is probably one of the most fun places for the people from Budapest. It has a swimming pool, a running-lane, gardens and a theatre. Next to the fact that it is beautiful to visit, it is also very fun!


Budapest - The Tourist Of Life

St. Stephen’s Basilica


The second most beautiful church in Budapest (my opinion obviously). It is situated close to the heart of Budapest and close to the shopping streets. The St. Stephen’s Basilica is both impressing from the inside as the outside, and you should definitely visit it!


Budapest - The Tourist Of Life



The Market Hall


I always have a thing for market halls. It is THE place to discover some culture, habits and local dishes. The Market Hall of Budapest has over 180 stores, that mostly sell food and it is designed by Gustave Eiffel – you know, the architecture of the Eiffel Tower. Definitely visit the Market Hall!


Budapest - The Tourist Of Life

 The Citypark


The City Park of Budapest is both beautiful and the home of some of Budapest most known highlights, as the Vajdahunyad Castle, the Art Gallery, the Zoo, the Heroes Square and the Museum of Fine arts. Also, the Széchenyibaden (one of the most known Spa’s of Budapest) is situated in the City park. I think you can definitely spend a day in this park, if you have the time!


Budapest - The Tourist Of Life

The Shoes Of The Donube Bank


Close to the Parliament building you’ll find 60 meters of shoes, at the side of the Danube. These shoes got placed here in memory of the victims that got shot into the Danube during World War II. While the monument is small and subtle, it definitely leaves a mark.


Budapest - The Tourist Of Life

The Liberty Statue

At the highest point of Budapest you’ll find the Liberty Statue: a women holding a palm leaf (the sign of freedom and peace) over the people of Budapest to protect them. While it is a pretty steep and hard climb to the top of the hill it definitely is worth it. You’ll see the Liberty Statue and you are guaranteed of a beautiful view over Budapest.

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