When thinking about last year I can’t really remember visiting 11 countries. Time goes by fast and 11 countries is way more than I can remember visiting last year. Did I really see so much? Was it only a year? I feel like I’ve been at home quite a lot rather than traveling a lot. But 11 travels a year basically means that I almost travelled on a monthly basis.


I get more and more questions about ‘how I do it’ and how I can afford to travel this much. But I can’t fool anyone: I’m not rich, and I definitely do not always have time or money to travel. If it was like that you wouldn’t see me back at home anymore. You would see me booking a one way ticket to Asia instead. The thing is: once traveling becomes a priority saving and working for it starts to become more fun!


I work as hard as I can to be able to travel as much as I do but more than that: I save my money to travel as much as I do. After getting so many questions about my travel lifestyle I wanted to share with you how I save money for my travels and how I earn it in the first place. As I said I am not rich but the way I take care of my finances, traveling much seems rather easy!

First of all let me just say that just like any other person I have normal monthly expenses. I moved house with my boyfriend at the beginning of 2015 which meant I had to deal with painting walls, new furniture and of course: a mortgage and things like electricity. All fun things to spend your money on. I know.


Paying for the expenses we have are always my priority. As it should be. The money I have left on my account after paying my part of the mortgage, insurances, food and things like that is all going directly to my savings account: ready to be spend on travels. Of course, that is not possible every month. Some months we need the money to replace or fix something, but some months I can almost save all the money I earned!

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Obviously I work so I can save the money I want for my travels. I have a couple of jobs that help me finance for my monthly expenses and help me saving for the travels I want to make. I have a total of three jobs with a steady income. In addition to that I sometimes work as a freelance promoter at parties, on fairs and events. However, I don’t do that regularly enough to list that as steady income. Still, sometimes it helps though.


This is how I earn my money;


    • Parttime job – I work parttime in a restaurant. Or parttime.. sometimes I work three days a week, sometimes five. Sometimes I only work three hours and sometimes more than ten hours. Ah, well, restaurant life. I love working in a restaurant and I worked in various restaurants since I was 14. I can’t seem to get out of this branch haha! A job like this is easy to combine with my other jobs AND with traveling. Mostly I work long days which for me means a day well spend. When I don’t travel I try to work as many hours as I possibly can in the restaurant so I can save as much money as I can for the months I do travel. And that seems to work fine! Getting days off in the restaurant I work is very easy and almost never a problem and that means: I can go traveling anytime I want.


    • Freelancing – I work on a freelance base for a couple of companies. Basically they asked me to keep track of their social media accounts and to post messages for them. I love working with social media (Communications graduate) so doing this as a freelancer doesn’t even feel like working for me. However, as a ‘professional’ I can get a pretty good monthly income out of this.


  • Blogging – Last but not least: I earn money with my travelblog. I earn money through various ways with blogging but I won’t bother you with the financial talk of my blog. Blogging doesn’t give you a regular income as every month is a different month. However it is steady enough now to say that blogging is a part of my income.
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 And then there is the other part of saving money: the actual saving money part. I have three main ways to save money that definitely work. Sometimes I sell clothes or something like that, but that isn’t a big goldmine. When you want to spend your money on travels, it’s easy: you have to not spend your money on something else.


    • I shop less – As any other girl I love to shop. I shopped a lot. Literally: a. lot. From home interior design, to clothes, to shoes, to make-up to things for in the kitchen. However, once you start comparing every shirt and sweater you see with Ryan Air air fares shopping definitely isn’t as fun as it could be. I think twice about buying a shirt I like because really: the price of that shirt equals a ticket to Dublin. What would you pick? Of course, sometimes I still splurge and order a big package from H&M or MissGuided but I definitely think that shopping less was the biggest change I could make in order to save money.


    • I go out less – I used to go out to dinner a lot with my friends and my boyfriend. I also used to go out a lot in weekends or meet up for some drinks in a bar. Oh how much money you save when you just spend a Friday night with your friends at home rather than at a bar. Sooo much cheaper. How fun is baking cookies or making a home made meal? As fun as going out to dinner, I’ll tell you that, but definitely the best way to save you money. You don’t need to spend much money in order to have a good time. Besides: going out is way more fun when you do it less often!


  • I save on monthly expenses – While taking a shorter shower and turning the heating on less aren’t necessarily expenses that work wonders, they are expenses you can cut. Other expenses you can cut are mostly expenses like groceries. Other things you can check are your insurances: maybe you’ll find a cheaper deal somewhere else. Or how about subscriptions for magazines, tv or your mobile phone. I quit going to the gym and in stead go out for a jog or watch an exercise video on Youtube. I also checked my insurances for unnecessary costs. I also try to use my bike more rather than public transport or our car. So much cheaper!