Yes, you’ve read it correctly, it is possible to go to London on a budget. And truth is: it is not even that hard. You’re right to think that London is an expensive city..truth is London is probably one of the most expensive cities in the world, but since I am a student on a budget as well I’ve found the perfect tips for you to travel to London; cheap. So here you go, my tips for a budget trip to London.

Your flight – 
Travel off season for the best flight (and hotel) rates. And by off season I mean: don’t go during July and August and avoid holidays (check UK holidays as well). If you want to travel during a holiday season – for example Christmas – go in November or the beginning of January. Plenty of Christmas feeling durig those months too. This tip applies to a lot of destinations btw.


Your stay
 – Airbnb, hostelworld, couchsurfing.. you name it. London is full of those too. No need to pay for an expensive hotel. I recommand the hostel YHA London Central.. nice, affordable and very close to the city centre!


Your tours
 – London has a lot of free walking tours, which offer you an informational and fun tour through all the city highlights. Besides that, free walking tours also offer you a promotional deal at a lunchroom or restaurant after the tour, throuh wich you can eat very cheap! Note: free walking tours aren’t entirely free though.. guides ask for a tip because they don’t get paid to do the tours


Get in the churches for free
Churches like Westminister Abbey have a hugh queue and an entree fee to get in. There is a way around it though: attend a service. You’ll listen to the priest and a choir. You can’t walk around in the church but you’ll get the experience of it.. for free!


Don’t eat in the city centre
Stay away from restaurants close to Oxfordstreet and Soho, I guarantee you that you’ll be paying a lot more than you have to. Just walk a little bit further away from the highlights or ask locals for good and cheap restaurants.


Collect folders and citymaps
As they are filled with promotional offers.. maybe you’ll find a good one!


Travel by bus and by foot
From out the airports there are really good bus connections to the citycentre of London. They are cheaper than the other options – like taxis or trains – but they do take a little while longer to get you to the city. Travel by foot in London itself. Cheaper than the underground and you’ll see more of the city!

With these tips I’ve been on a three day trip to London with spending less than £250,- (including flight and hotel).

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