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While always growing my bucket list I am also lucky enough to stripe a couple of things off every now and then. I try to make all my travels as memorable as possible and always try to travel to new and exciting places. I keep learning, I keep discovering and I keep running into new places and people that make my travels worthwhile.

I’m only 22 years old but thinking about the places I’ve already seen and visited definitely puts a giant smile on my face. I’ve seen so many gorgeous places, that making this list actually was really hard – but then again, it wasn’t – some moments just last forever in your mind.

Today I am going to write down five places with you, places that had such an amazing and unique view that I can’t forget them ever again!

The Grand Canyon - The Tourist Of Life
The Grand Canyon - The Tourist Of Life
The Grand Canyon - The Tourist Of Life

The Grand Canyon – USA

I’ve never been so amazed in my life before. I am standing in front of the Grand Canyon – on top of the Grand Canyon. My eyes widen when I look down into the Canyon. The Colerado River seems to gently flow beneath me, but it probably only looks peaceful from so far away when it’s actually wild and robust.

The Grand Canyon is the third National Park I visit in the United States, but it’s nothing like I’ve seen before – nothing like I will ever see again. Here I stand.

Behind me an elk walks around, casually eating some grass, attracting a large group of tourists who all want to photograph the creature. She doesn’t seem to mind. In front of me, above the canyon, eagles fly, and close to my feet little squirrels hop around, looking for food.

The Grand Canyon isn’t just a canyon. It’s powerful. Magical. Mother Earth at her prettiest moment.

It’s amazing. It’s the USA at it’s best. It’s something I won’t see again in a long time – I stare, watch the sun set and return home feeling complete.

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Hiking up to Lake Sørvágsvatn Faroer Islands - The Tourist Of Life

Lake Sørvágsvatn – Faroe Islands

What a dream to finally visit the Faroe Islands in real life. I’ve been wanting to go here for so long – now that I am actually here, it almost seems to good to be true. Our airplane lands at the tiny airport at one of the southern islands – our car is waiting. We drive to our first Airbnb and pass a massive lake.

‘Is that the one?’ I ask. ‘Yes, that’s the one.’

The next day I wake up, hop on my feet and put on my warmest clothes. One, two, three, four layers of clothes, and one very windproof jacket that is supposed to protect me from the cold. It may rain, or the weather might be gorgeous. You never know in advance.

It roughly takes us one hour to get to the end of Lake Sørvágsvatn. Or well, technically a lake doesn’t really have a specific ‘ending’, however – this one definitely seems to have.

The wind gets stronger, the cold gets worse but the view gets better. We hike on top of a cliff, the toughest bit of the hike. It’s steep and the wind doesn’t make it any less difficult to hike up. I can already see the ocean though.

Turn around.

There it is.

The view I’ve been waiting for for ages. It doesn’t disappoint. It’s enchanting. It’s everything I want it to be.

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Ha Long Bay Vietnam - The Tourist Of Life

Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

Ha Long Bay was the reason I was so eager to visit Vietnam in the first place – it somehow feels weird to visit it first and to travel to Ha Long Bay after only being in Vietnam for roughly a couple of hours. Shouldn’t you always save the best for last?

On the other hand it doesn’t feel weird. I’ve been building up to this for so long now. I’ve seen so many pictures already, read way too many articles already. I just want to see it.

Nothing looks like we might get close to Ha Long Bay. We drive for almost two hours, from out Hanoi. We take a ferry ride of 45 minutes and then another long drive to take yet again another ferry. My jetlag takes over, I don’t even care it takes so long – I can sleep now – to be awake at Ha Long Bay.

‘Right, you can get out of the bus.’ Our tour guide, an Australian backpacker who seemed to never have left Vietnam since arriving for the very first time, opens the doors.

I step out of the bus to be overwhelmed by the thing I see next.

High rock formations block my view. For as far as I can see, these rocks take over. Here and there they pop out of the ocean, making it look magical. It’s quiet.

Our boat brings us to a private island. More quietness. Our home for the coming nights. It’s perfect.

At night I go to bed with the most amazing view I’ve seen in a while, to wake up with the sound of the waves, crashing into the beach.

I don’t want to trade for anything. I don’t want to leave.

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El Nido – The Philippines

I’ve never seen a place that is more lush than El Nido. I’ve heard enough about it, before visiting. I’ve seen enough photos. Now I see it for myself. Our mini van takes us from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. It’s a bumpy ride, with long roads with an enormous amount of turns. All is forgotten when the van takes that one last turn. That one turn that takes us to El Nido, bringing us out of the dense forest.

I stand eye to eye with El Nido. Eye to eye with the beaches and the beautiful, romantic looking ocean. I am in love, right away.

The best spots in El Nido are hidden – in a way that the best spots aren’t to be found on the main land. We chase them with a boat tour.

I conquer my fear for snorkeling. It’s to pretty for me to be scared – it’s to beautiful to not do it. Clear blue water surrounds me, colorful fish swim beneath my feet, the sun burns on my shoulders.

El Nido is perfect. I’m going to miss it.

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Tour A through the canyons of El Nido Palawan, The Philippines - The Tourist Of Life
Mont Blanc Europe - The Tourist Of Life

Mont Blanc – The Alps

There is something magical about mountains. People come to rest when they see mountains. The view is mesmerizing. Always. No wonder the ‘mountains are calling’.

I’m young when I visit the Mont Blanc. My parents bring me to see this mountain – one of the highest mountains you can find in Europe. Even though I can’t really comprehend how special it is to stand on a mountain like this, I know it is special enough, so I enjoy the view, for as long as I can.

I breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the calmness. The wind is strong, but it’s quiet.

Below me I can see the little villages that are built at the foot of the mountain. Even though it’s summer, and one of the hottest months of the year, it’s cold up here. The Mont Blanc and her surrounding mountains are still covered in snow. A beautiful view that captures one of Europe’s most beautiful nature sceneries.

Mont Blanc Europe - The Tourist Of Life