My Favorite Things To Do In London

One of my favorite cities in Europe. I said this a hundred times before, but I can still say that, without a doubt, London is one of my favorite cities in Europe. I absolutely love the ambiance, the vivid neighborhoods, the picture pretty streets, the random markets and the sightseeing you can do in this city.

I’ve visited London for four times now – twice during Summer, once during Christmas and once in Spring – and thus far all my city trips have been completely different from one another.

No matter how often you visit London, you can make every trip as unique as you want.

I’ve never had a boring trip to London before, and every time I come home amused, happy – astonished of how different my visit to the city was as to the last time I visited.

Still, over time I have ‘collected’ a few experiences that I absolutely loved doing, and things that I continue doing during my next trips to London that are yet to come.

So just to sum them all up: here are my favorite things to do in London!

London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

Visiting Hyde Park

In the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the busy city life of London, you’ll find one of the biggest city parks Europe has. I adore visiting city parks overall, but Hyde Park definitely is one beautiful city park. With the best location you can stop in Hyde Park after visiting the lovely areas of Kensington or Notting Hill, or take a break after (window)shopping at Harrods.

Every time I travel to London I make sure to take a break at Hyde Park, and in my previous visits to London I chilled and maybe, possibly fell asleep in the park, rented a bike, walked round, visited the Hyde Park Christmas Market and picnicked on the grass.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Warner Bros - The Tourist Of Life
Harry Potter Studio Tour Warner Bros - The Tourist Of Life

Visiting The Studios Of Harry Potter

Visiting the Harry Potter Studios was one of the coolest things I ever did while visiting London. I know, it sounds kinda nerdy, and it probably is. However, seeing the studios in real life, seeing the special effects and how they’ve used them and discovering the ‘making of’ was such a cool experience. It not only taught me so much about the movies but also about the industry.

The Harry Potter studios are just a 30 minute train ride away from central London. You can read about my experience in the studios and see more photos right here!

London, UK - The Tourist Of Life
London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

Shopping and Eating in Soho

Soho is one of my favorite areas in London. It has the cutest streets, the quirkiest shops – the best shops too, the most amazing restaurants and the greatest ambiance. Every time I am in London I try to include at least a couple of hours of shopping in Soho followed with a lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants. One of my favorite spots to have a drink or to have lunch is in Kingly Court, which is a small ‘hidden’ square right in the middle of Soho!

Camden Town London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

Wander around the Camden Town Market

I definitely love to browse through markets. Not only in London, but in every city. A lot of cities have the funniest, cutest markets, selling both antiques as well as great new items and souvenirs. Through my travels I stumbled upon quite a view good markets, but the Camden Town Market is by far my favorite. Basically because it is so different than other markets you’ll find anywhere else. The Camden Town Market sells very random, international influenced and alternative products which will seem like the perfect fit for every hipster/nomad.

But one of the best aspects of the market? The food court, by far. There are so many great, unique and good looking food trucks that make it extremely hard for you to choose your meal at the end of the day!

The food of the Camden Market, London - The Tourist Of Life
The food of the Camden Market, London - The Tourist Of Life
Notting Hill, London - The Tourist Of Life

Saying hello to Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of my favorite areas of London. I love the endless streets with the beautiful rows of white and colored houses. I love how busy and vibrant the streets around the Portobello Market are while, just a couple of blocks away, you can hardly find anyone and end up in some of the quietest streets of London.

While I don’t do anything special in Notting Hill, except for wandering around the Portobello Market, I always feel like I need to say hello to this part of London.

Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life
Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life
Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life

Day Tripping to Brighton

Thank god to the train connections in the UK. From out London you can easily take the train to Brighton, which takes about three hours. Brighton is the perfect day trip from out London if you are looking for a little UK escape after spending a couple of days in the busy center of London.

Not that Brighton isn’t a big and busy city though.

However, Brighton has something charming that makes it feel like a small, countryside-like village rather than a big city. The stores are super cute and small, the Brighton Pier promises you good fun and the beach is the perfect place for you to relax for a bit after doing so much exploring.

I went to Brighton in spring, during my third trip to London. I decided it was time to see a bit more of the UK, and visiting Brighton was perfect. I absolutely loved it and would definitely go back a second time and perhaps stay longer!

Notting Hill London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

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My favorite things to do in London
My favorite things to do in London
My favorite things to do in London

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  • I love Hyde Park, awesome London list. I love Borough Market as well and China Town is awesome too, thanks for sharing. Really want to visit Brighton, hope you’ll visit my blog when you get the chance x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  • Leuke tips heb je! Ik ben afgelopen december toevallig in Brighton geweest. Spijtig genoeg regende het zo hard dat we niks hebben gezien of gedaan, maar ik ga zeker weer eens terug in de lente of de zomer 🙂
    Harry Potter Movie Studios staat ook hoog op mijn lijstje!

    • Oeh ja volgens mij regent het in Brighton echt 90% van de tijd. Je bent wel naar de pier geweest denk ik of niet? De Harry Potter studios zijn écht heeeel tof. Sowieso een keer heen!

      • Haha. Nee, heel de dag was letterlijk in het water gevallen. We kwamen al veel later aan vanwege een trein die was geannuleerd en we bezochten vrienden die een concert gaven die avond dus wilden we liever binnen blijven zitten. Ik heb het wel van ver bekeken. haha. We wilde de HPS afgelopen december doen maar alles was volboekt! Totaal niet bij stil gestaan natuurlijk, maar ooit kom ik er wel! 🙂

  • I love bike riding in England and visiting Hyde park too! x

    Nev | Miss Nev

  • I wanna go back to London badly!

  • AlicevstheWorld

    I’ve never visited the Harry Potter Studios because of the price, but I love Camden Market! It’s such a exciting place to explore, and the sheer amount of different food you can buy is jaw-dropping!

    • Yeah, it’s quite expensive but it’s a hell of an experience! I know right? I never get bored at the Camden Market, such a cool place!

  • Londen is zo leuk!