Every land has food specialties you should try, now I don’t know the food specialties of every country but the ones in Holland I know by heart.. and trust me, they are good. In this article I’ve listed seven foodies and snacks for you, you should definitely try while you’re in Holland.


1. Stroopwafels

Foods you must try in The Netherlands, stroopwafel - The Tourist Of Life

Stroopwafels are big round cookies with sirup in between. You can buy your stroopwafels in giftstores, candy stores and grocery stores but there are also (especially in Amsterdam) a lot of stands who sell them on the streets. Not hard to find, since you can smell this snack from a distance away.


2. Bitterballen & Kroketten

Foods you must try in The Netherlands, bitterballen - The Tourist Of Life


Bitterballen and kroketten are basically the same, only the shape is different. We eat bitterballen as a late-night snack and kroketten mostly with french fries. You can try bitterballen at most cafes and kroketten in snackbars (pull them out of the wall in the Febo – a snackbar.. also typically Dutch).


3. Haring

Foods you must try in The Netherlands, haring - The Tourist Of Life


Now, I don’t eat fish myself so I’ve actually never had one of these before.. but other people seem to enjoy them so I had to put these on the list. Haring is normally eaten raw with unions. Smelly but nice.

4. Pepernoten

Foods you must try in The Netherlands, pepernoten - The Tourist Of Life

Pepernoten are small spiced cookies and really popular among the Dutch people. But you can’t eat them the entire year since they are related to a Dutch Holiday: Sinterklaas which I’ve written about before. You can buy pepernoten in stores from September till December.


5. Bossche bol

Foods you must try in The Netherlands, bossche bol - The Tourist Of Life

Bossche bollen are big profite rolls, filled with whipped cream and covered in chocolate. You can try these in some restaurants and cafes.


6. Poffertjes

Foods you must try in The Netherlands, poffertjes - The Tourist Of Life


Poffertjes are actually small pancakes.. really good! Dutch people eat them traditionally with powdered sugar and butter. You can buy them in grocery stores and restaurants. Go to a ‘pannenkoekenhuis’ (pancake house) and you’ll definitely will find them!


7. Boerenkool met worst

Foods you must try in The Netherlands, boerenkool met worst - The Tourist Of Life

Boerenkool is a stew with potatoes and kale. Dutch people eat them with a sausage, gravy and mustard. You can try this specialty in some Dutch restaurants!