Seljalandsfoss Iceland
in Iceland

A Week In Iceland: Photodiary

Cold fresh air, countless numbers of waterfalls, whales and landscapes that seem endless. Iceland was one of the destinations that, very early in my traveling days, made the cut of ‘countries that I need to visit.. fast!’. Luckily the day that I could visit Iceland arrived sooner than expected. Together with…

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Cabo da Roca
in Europe, Portugal

Hiking up to hidden Ursa Beach

While I’m not really convinced about the saying ‘travel the unknown’, knowing that ‘unknown’ really isn’t that unkown – since we’ve all met Google Streetview before – I was sure about the hike to the ‘secret beach’ our hostel in Portugal had to offer us. For a short amount of time…

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Miami Sunrise - The Tourist Of Life
in North America, USA

Miami Sunrise

While dreaming sweet dreams my travelbuddy tries to wake my up by poking my leg. I open my eyes to see her pointing to the window. A universal sign for ‘it’s time to head out’. When seeing the view she points at it doesn’t take me long to wake up and…

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Seljalandsfoss Ring Road Iceland - The Tourist Of LIfe
in Europe, Iceland

The Seljalandfoss

  The Seljalandfoss It didn’t take me to long to find my favorite piece of Iceland actually. To be precise – the Seljalandfoss was the first waterfall – the first ‘attraction’ we saw when we started our Ring Road drive. The South Coast of Iceland is one of the most…

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Wynwood Miami - The Tourist Of Life
in North America, USA

The Street Art Of Miami

When I visited Miami last month I had to visit the vivid, but mostly the colorful neighborhood of Wynwood. An area, in the center of Miami, away from Miami Beach that is known for her murals and hipster-like restaurants. And so, on the second day we were in the American capital of…

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