5 Experiences to have and 5 things to do when visiting Pipa, Rio Grande Do Norte Brazil

What a year it has been. As I said in one of my previous articles where I write about my travels of 2015 I’ve done some amazing things, had some amazing moments this year and traveled to some of the most amazing places. 2015 was one big, massive highlight and probably the best year I’ve ever had.


The last couple of days I’ve seen articles like this pop up everywhere and most bloggers already have published their own version of this article. I love reading them. I love reading reflections of people about their last year, as much as I love reading about the new years resolutions people made.


I wanted to include myself in this ‘trend’, because as much as I love reading about it, I love writing about it. So today I am reflecting on this last year, sharing the highlights of 2015 with you – from my personal life and my blog!

5 Experiences to have and 5 things to do when visiting Pipa, Rio Grande Do Norte Brazil
Hai Van Pass Vietnam - The Tourist Of Life

My Most Favorite Moments

  • Moving house: from my dorm room in Nijmegen to a three story house where I now live a happy life with my boyfriend. It was really sad to leave my dorm room as I was very close with my roommates and as I really loved living in Nijmegen. But it was time to move on, time for more space, for a next step and for more privacy. I have to admit that it was hard to get used to leave city life, but I now love our house and I love to come home after one of my travels.
  • Bailey: My sweet, cute munchkin of a puppy. A month after moving in with my boyfriend we decided to buy a puppy. We thought it would be hard to take care of her and that we had to make a lot of sacrifices to stay home with her. But to be honest: it wasn’t so bad! Luckily our friends and family think she’s cute too, so we’ve got plenty of helpers around us when we are gone traveling or something like that!
  • Graduating college: I think this is a pretty big milestone: I graduated college when I was 20, within four years. I think that 20 is pretty much the average age in The Netherlands to start going to college. I was so relieved when I ‘finally’ graduated, and the ceremony was lovely. But now, to be honest, I wouldn’t do anything rather than go back to University. I loved the fun and the ‘careless’ student times. So next year? I’m going to start studying for my masters degree.
  • Reached 30.000 blog followers: I keep track of my blog following more than I keep track of my blog visitors. I am just a social media freak and that is why I studied Communications in the first place. But when I found out that I reached 30.000 followers I had a little proud moment. Something else to be proud of? I am the #22 travelblog on Bloglovin’!
  • Made my blog my business: At the same day I had my graduation ceremony I made my blog my business (I also am a freelance writer under the name of my blog). Yep, things got serious this year. And while it now is my business, I still want to treat it like a hobby (which it is) as I know how fast you can suck the joy out of blogging when you are only trying to make money out of it. But yeah: my blog officially became my company this year!
Hong Kong view from Victoria's Peak - The Tourist Of Life
Budapest Fisherman's Bastion - The Tourist Of Life

My Most Favorite Travels

  • Vietnam: Oh how I loved Vietnam. Backpacking was a wonderful experience, and while I wasn’t a fan of the backpack itself, the ambiance around backpacking was great. For some reason everyone who is wearing a backpack changes into being your friend and that is what makes backpacking itself so much fun. Oh, did I already mention how beautiful Vietnam was? From Hanoi and the Halong Bay down to Hoi Ann and the rain forests in between. Vietnam was definitely my favorite trip of 2015.
  • Brazil: Brazil was my first press trip and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Pipa and Sao Miguel Do Gostoso were an absolute dream to visit, the activities were bad ass and insane and the hotels we stayed at were like a dream. I mean.. being in Brazil is a dream anyway.
  • Curacao: seeing my boyfriend after such a long period of time was great, and to see him again in such a romantic and tropical ambiance was even better. Boy, the time we had, swimming and just relaxing at the beach. Jup, Curacao was great.
  • Budapest: I loved Budapest. Not only did I love the city and the highlights itself, I also loved the people who I spent my time with in Budapest. I had such a pleasure meeting the people I met in my hostel and spending my time with them. Budapest was one of my best solo-travel experiences thanks to them!
Small dog / Shih Tzu Puppy - The Tourist Of Life
The Grand Canyon - The Tourist Of Life
Dolphin Beach Pipa, Brazil - The Tourist Of Life
Mount Christoffel Curacao - The Tourist Of Life
Looking out over Vietnam, The Pub With Cold Beer - The Tourist Of Life

Most Popular Blogposts

  • 10 Things To Do In Paris: somewhere in the beginning of this year I got a huge increase of followers and visitors. What happened? I got featured in the Bloglovin’ newsletter. So thanks to Bloglovin’ this became the most popular post of 2015!
  • 7 Cities In Europe To Visit Before They Get Discovered: and again thanks to Bloglovin’ who named this post in one of their own blogposts ‘the most popular travel articles of 2015′. Because of this mention this post went viral twice: when I published it, and when they featured this post!
  • Europe In A Nutshell: 10 Small Towns You Have To See: Also one of the most fun posts I wrote this year. I love writing about places that are still quite small and undiscovered. These posts are so good for your travel inspiration!
  • 10 Things Not To Do In Amsterdam: It is quite funny to see that this post has ended so high on this list. This post ranks pretty high in Google and most of my visitors for this post find it through Google. And gosh, you have no idea what people google to find this post: ‘should I buy drugs from prostitutes?’, ‘Where to buy drugs in Amsterdam?’ and ‘Is Amsterdam dangerous?’ are apparently pretty popular questions. I didn’t even know you could buy drugs from prostitutes!
  •  12 Unique Towns In Europe To Add To Your Bucket list: Again one of those posts I really loved to write, and went viral very quickly. As much as I love to write about hidden spots is as much as you love to read about it!
  • Europe’s Best Countries For Traveling Solo: As you know I travel solo quite a lot. I can’t say that I’m an expert but I’ve learned a thing or two over the years. You can find a lot of articles about traveling solo on my blog but this one was by far the most popular!