Venice is probably one of Europe’s favorite and most famous city’s to visit. And it should be, as Venice is so romantic, special and just one of a kind city. But a lot of people don’t know that Venice isn’t only the ‘main’ island we all see at the pictures. It actually exists out of a group of islands. All pretty, unique and special in their own ways. A lot of these islands are islands where people just live their normal day life and mind their own business. But three of these islands have something special.. and I’d like to call these islands the hidden gems of Venice.


Burano Island



 Hidden gems of Venice - Burano - The Tourist Of Life


Burano actually looks like a smaller and more colorful version of Venice. The typical colored houses is actually where Burano is famous for. Also, at the little shops in Burano they sell a lot of lace products, handmade by the residents of the island. If you want to know more about the lace you can visit the lace museum of Burano. But lace isn’t the only thing you can buy in Burano: the restaurants are the best in making Risotto, and at the foodshops you’ll have to buy a bag of Bussolà Buranello, which are the most famous cookies of the island!

Burano is definitely my favorite ‘hidden gem’ of Venice.. but how could it not be? Doesn’t this photo makes you fall in love with Burano already?


Murano Island


Hidden gems of Venice - Murano - The Tourist Of Life


Murano is a more industrial island where a lot of glass factories are. For those of you who didn’t know already: Venice has a massive, and popular glass production. You can already notice on the huge amount of glass souvenirs and art they sell on the different islands. At Murano Island you can visit a glass factory and attend a demonstration to see how they make glass. Very weird to see actually, you have no idea how fast and easy they make the most complex figurines! Definitely something to experience!


Torcello Island

Hidden gems of Venice - Torcello - The Tourist Of Life



Torcello is a completely different island. In the 7th century the habitants of the island had to evacuate because of a malaria outbreak. The abandoned island turned into a swamp and stayed empty for a long time. Now, Torcello turned into the greenest island of Venice, and only has around 60 habitants. This makes Torcello a very peaceful and special island to visit, but almost a little bit scary.. as the island is death silent, and is filled with abandoned houses and a few old – very old churches.