The Most Beautiful Seaside Towns Of Italy

The Most Beautiful Seaside Towns Of Italy

Italy is one of Europe’s most perfect countries for a road trip. Why? While driving through the scenic landscapes, vineyards, mountains you’ll find yourself in huge cities as Rome, idyllic cities like Venice and Florence, and you’ll find yourself in the most beautiful seaside towns. Which ones not to miss? I’ll tell you!



Amalfi coast - The Tourist Of Life

When driving through the mountains and through the Amalfi Coast, suddenly you’ll go round a corner and there it is: Positano. At the same moment you’ll fall in love with the mountains, the white houses that cover up the mountains and the clear blue water. The Amalfi Coast is known as one of the most beautiful coastal lines of Italy, and this is no shocker for people who’ve been there once already. Definitely a must visit!



Manarola - The Tourist Of Life

Manarola is Italy’s most favorite and most famous coastal city. Manarola is the biggest and prettiest city of Cinq Terre. Next to the super romantic atmosphere, Manarola is famous for fishing, hikes and vineyards. Definitely a must visit when you are in Italy!



Capri, Italy - The Tourist Of Life

Close to Naples you’ll find the island Capri. When you’re in Naples, Capri is definitely a must-visit but even when you’re not visiting Naples you should visit Capri. While it isn’t exactly a ‘Seasidetown’ I couldn’t not include Capri into this article. Why? With a rich history, a view over the clear blue ocean that is unforgettable and with the overall appearance of the island Capri is hard to miss.



Ponza - The Tourist Of Life


Known as a gem of Italy I had to include this one on the list. While I haven’t been there myself I can already say that Ponza won’t disappoint you. Quite similar to Positano, but Ponza definitely has her own charms.. and while quite touristic Ponza is worth a visit thanks to the nature, caves, houses and history!


Procida Island

Naples, Italy - The Tourist Of Life

Source: Pinterest

I have never seen such a colorful island in Italy before, next to Burano, Venice. I have a thing for colorful cities, and when you find them as coastal towns I’m sold. The view you get of Procida from out the water is one for the books. Procida is an old island with amazing buildings to visit – you’ll definitely not get bored here!



Ravello - The Tourist Of Life

High above Amalfi you’ll find Ravello. This beautiful, but mostly historical city offers you the best coastal-view of Italy. Ravello is famous for het villas, old church and hiking possibilities. Definitely one of the best places at Amalfi!



Portofino - The Tourist Of Life


Portofino is a small fishing village. Beautiful during the day, romantic at night. The last recent years Portofino has definitely grown more popular as stars like Heidi Klum and Madonna visited the village for a small get-away. So why shouldn’t you do the same?


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  • Oh wow, I want to go to each and every single one of these places. Procida Island looks so colourful and amazing!

  • I want to live in each of these photographs. It’s actually embarrassing to admit how many times I’ve seen “Under the Tuscan Sun” and fantasized about meeting an Italian man in Positano, lol. Great post 🙂

  • Olga Rabo

    I’ve heard so much about Capri, actually, and as it appears from this blog post – for a good reason! Will definitely put it on my Italy bucket list!

  • Well this is amazing!! Italy is so close from Slovenia but yet so faaar!

  • I have visited Italy so many times and still have never made it to the seaside. I must rectify it, looking at your gorgeous pictures. Great job on the travel-inspiring post and here is me talking, fresh from two vacations!
    The Procida Island looks delightful, all the houses are like candy!

    • I know right! I have the same thing, I’ve seen all the big cities and surrounding places, but haven’t got the chance yet to visit the country- and seaside.

      • Which is your favorite town/city then?
        Maybe we should organise a dual blogger visit 🙂

        • An Italy roadtrip.. I’m in! I’m in love with everything about Italy.. loved the Amalfi coast, but Rome and Venice are beautiful as well. But the small cities I’ve seen are so small, cute and authentic I love those too!

          • We can do a road trip, dedicated to the ‘underrated Italian gems’! I agree on small towns (though I LOVE Florence). I once ended up on training for work in Brescia (those were the days) and was floored with the authenticity of it all. I felt like Sophia Loren was going to turn the corner any minute…

          • Haha I know, these towns are so romantic and pretty.. definitely good to visit!

  • Noémie Leroy

    I’m so doing a roadtrip in Italy!
    There, decided 🙂