Saksun, Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life

I follow more vloggers than I follow bloggers. I follow close to a hundred vloggers actually – of course some more active than others, I know it’s ridiculous.

I just love the personal aspect of vlogging. You get a peek in someone’s life, as if you are watching reality tv, only – that person is doing exactly what you love doing yourself. How can you say no to a personalized series like that?

I wondered quite often why I didn’t vlog myself, as I enjoy watching them so much. I vlogged in London last summer, actually, but that was more of a try out. Just wondering whether it was something for me. I see these vlogs from the Faroe Islands more as an ‘actual start’.

So therefor, of course I want to share them with you! I vlogged most parts from my trip to the Faroe Islands. I think the Faroe Islands are just such a beautiful piece of nature that I just needed to share with you, since for some reason almost no-one has heard of it – well unless they heard of the whale slaughters.

I visited the Faroe Islands for 7 days, and I vlogged 6 days. And they are online, for you to watch!


P.s. Vlogs are in Dutch

Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six & Seven