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One hour away from London (if you go by train) you’ll find yourself back in Brighton. Famous among the English, not so famous outside of the UK – unless you follow some popular Youtubers, who have made this place their home. Almost everyone who I told I would be visiting Brighton responded the same: ‘Who or what is Brighton?’.

And who can blame them? When thinking of a beach holiday I wouldn’t necessarily think about England myself  as well. This isn’t exactly the most sunniest destination I can think of.

Visiting Brighton for a day I got the chance to experience a bit of this seaside town. Luckily for me the weather was really great, the number of tourists was really low and the city itself was just perfect.

Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life
Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life
Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life

The city

Brighton can only be described as one perfect, idyllic, young place in England.

Big, yet small, fun and young, yet old and beautiful. In the center of Brighton you’ll find a small center, with narrow streets, petit boutiques and delicious-looking restaurants, whilst bigger stores and restaurants like McDonalds and Topshop – can you even call McDonalds a restaurant? – can be found in the newer center right next to it.

The old center obviously is the most fun part of the city. Those small stores and restaurants can really take in a lot of time of your day. From fine chocolate and cake stores to tapas and wine bars, and from wedding stores – me and my boyfriend got even asked to enter, apparently we look very in love – and jewelry stores to the boutiques. The narrow streets of this part of the city can make you feel lost right after turning your first corner but every now and then you’ll find yourself seeing a glance of the ocean, the ferris wheel and the Brighton Pier. A wonderful view that right away reminds you where you are and a beautiful sight to have.

Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life

The Brighton Pier

Speaking of the Brighton Pier – what a fun piece of Brighton this is. Brighton is known for her Pier, so I can tell you you should visit the Brighton Pier but you probably already have thought of that yourself. What I am going to tell you is that you should definitely save some coins for this part of town in order to let your inner child come outside to play – even though that sounds kinda creepy.

It has been a long time ago since I have last visited a fair or a theme park, but Brighton brought all kinds of fun back to me. I laughed hard when my boyfriend tried to win me a stuffed animal but came back to me with a set of playing cards, I laughed harder whilst entering the Haunted House and I laughed even more whilst playing arcade games like whack the mole and air hockey.

Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life
Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life

The Beach

While it wasn’t touristic and while it for sure wasn’t hot enough to swim or to tan, it surprised me of how busy the beach of Brighton was. I also was surprised I didn’t got pooed on by one of the thousands seagulls. The beach was bliss – the beach was fun and the weather topped everything. The beach in Brighton was the first thing I saw and the beach was the first thing that convinced me Brighton is a beautiful city and one I wouldn’t mind living myself – I can imagine this to be different though, considering it rains most time of the year.

During the summer this beach is even more crowded. Filled up with swimmers, lovers for various watersports and packed restaurants. I think it would be fantastic to return to Brighton during the summer, when the city is prepared for the touristic period, when the Brighton Pier couldn’t be anymore lively and when the water is the perfect way to cool off.

Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life
Brighton, England - The Tourist Of Life
Brighton England

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