If you’re planning a backpackers’ holiday in Mexico, you’ve made a good choice. For starters, most backpackers haven’t got oodles of ready cash, and Mexico is one of the most affordable destinations in the world. You’ll get a lot more holiday for your money and be able to stay in better accommodation then you would elsewhere. Then of course, there’s no shortage of exciting things that you can do and see. From extreme sports to visiting Mayan remains, from chilling out on beaches to partying the night away, there’s something to suit every taste.


 Cancun - The Tourist Of Life


Number one tip: start and end your journey in Cancun

Unless you’re visiting the area during high season (America’s ‘spring break’), you’ll often be able to get special offers on your air tickets. Apart from getting savings, it’s also a great introduction to Mexico.

Most people think of Mexico as being a place of deserts and cacti, but Cancun is located on the Riviera Maya and the Riviera Maya is not only a tropical paradise, but it’s also the party zone of Mexico. You’ll want to spend a few days in Cancun, and since you’ve saved on air fare and the rates are so low, you might as well spoil yourself by staying at a decent hotel like the Barcelo Costa Cancun.

Before you venture inland, you should extend the party to include Playa del Carmen. The nightlife there is fantastic and you can spend your day recovering on the beach before you begin the next round of partying. There’s no need to hit the hostels yet. Consider staying at the Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda. Why not? There’ll be time for roughing it later on.


Teotihuacan - The Tourist Of Life


Second tip: don’t get stuck on the Riviera Maya

You’re going to enjoy the area so much that you might be tempted to give the rest of Mexico a miss, so this piece of advice is necessary! Remember that there is still much to see. You won’t want to miss out on Acapulco, the colourful city of Guanajuato and the beaches of Los Cabos still beckon. Divers and snorkelers looking for underwater action will find much to do on the Riviera Maya, but Cozumel is even better.


Of course, you haven’t really been to Mexico if you haven’t visited Chichen Itza and the enormous pyramids of Teotihuacan. If you do decide to stay where you are on the Riviera, then Tulum is the place to visit. That way, you’ll at least get photos of one Mayan site to take home with you!

If / when you take the plunge into the interior,

make your way gradually towards Mexico City – it’s a popular backpackers’ route and you’ll find plenty of cheap hostels. Bus travel is the most economical, but it’s worth taking the train through Copper Canyon – absolutely amazing!


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