Visiting Paris In Winter: Five Things To Do

Visiting Paris In Winter: Five Things To Do

Paris is always a good idea.. but in winter? In winter the city of lights and romance even becomes more luminous, and romantic. I’ve visited Paris during Christmas season some time ago, and I loved it. Then again: I also visited Paris in spring and summer and it is hard to deny that every season has her charms. However, as a Christmas person – listening to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ every day of the year – Winter is the best season to travel. Christmas markets are just the best!

Today, after experiencing Christmas (and Winter) in Paris myself I decided to make a list for you. So here it is: the five things you should definitely do in Paris while visiting it during Winter season.


1. Ice skating at Le Grand Palais


ice skating grand palais paris - The Tourist Of Life



Le Grand Palais: one of the most gorgeous buildings in Paris, next to the Champs-Élysées. During winter period Le Grand Palais will be transformed into a massive ice skating rink. When you are planing on visiting Paris during winter make sure you go towards Le Grand Palais!


2. Christmas markets


Christmas market paris - The Tourist Of Life


The best Christmas markets of Paris are definitely the ones in front of the Eiffel Tower and at the Champs-Élysées. The christmas market nearby the Eiffel Tower isn’t that big, but the view makes up for it. The Christmas market at the Champs-Élysées is probably the biggest and most famous one of Paris. It stretches from the Champs-Élysées roundabout to the Place de la Concorde!


3. Shop for Christmas presents at the Gallery Lafayette


Paris, France Christmas - The Tourist Of Life


The most gorgeous indoor malls of Paris is even prettier when it is decorated in Christmas style! Definitely a must visit and definitely a great place to buy your Christmas presents.


4. Enjoy the Christmas decorations




Where ever you are in Paris you’ll be guaranteed of seeing an enormous amount of Christmas decorations. Make sure to take your time to see as much of it as you can and just enjoy!


5. Disneyland Paris


disneyland paris - The Tourist Of Life


You’ve seen the adds right? There is nothing more magical than spending a day or two in Europe’s most famous amusement park! Look at that image.. doesn’t it look beautiful?


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  • This makes me want to fly back to Paris ASAP!! Wow, I know Paris is magical, but it seems to be extra magical during the holiday season. Just added to go ice skating in Le Grand Palais on my bucket list!! xx

    • It is! You should definitely visit Paris in winter! I went to Paris during Christmas two years ago but I hadn’t heard about ice skating in Le Grand Palais back then. I want to go back just to do that!

  • MissLilly

    I love Paris all time but in winter it really becomes special

  • Waah that ice skating rink looks incredible!! But the picture of Disneyland isn’t the Disney in Paris 😉 I believe this is America!

    Kisses, Eline

  • rae

    I would LOVE to go to disneyland paris in winter 😀 wow it looks amazing!

    rae of love from berlin

    • It does! I have never been there but I would guess that winter is the best period to visit Disneyland!

  • amazing! I went in the summer for my first time but I am really eager to head back!

    • Paris is such a wonderful city, I can understand why you want to go back!

  • Oh ! This post makes me dream ! I wish I could go there … This city is one of my favorites 🙂

  • Sanne

    Ik zou super graag een keer in de winter naar Parijs willen! Het ziet er zo mooi uit!

  • Just came back from Paris after spending New Years Eve there. I was standing outside Grand Palais and the queue for ice skating was a little but to long for me, found out afterwards that you could buy ticket online.. Now it’s closed for this time, hope they do it next year as well.. Instead of ice-skating I attended the exhibition of Niki de Saint Phalle instead, also at Grand Palais.

    • That is too bad that you couldn’t ice skate, but the exhibition sure was pretty too! How was NYE in Paris?

      • Yea, the exhibition at Grand Palais was just awesome. Niki de Saint Phalle is.. or was a really special artist in many ways ( see pic). NYE was great as well. Standing on Champs-Élysées together with
        200k people is something special.