Vienna, Austria - The Tourist Of Life

It’s already been a couple of years ago since I went on my first trip to Vienna. My mother used to visit the city all the time for her work, so one day she decided to take us with her. We only went to Vienna for a short weekend trip, in between our regular school- and workdays, but it was about enough to get a great impression of Vienna. It was also just about enough time for me to fall in love with the beautiful decor of the city.

I remember arriving in the evening. From out our school and jobs we traveled straight to the airport of Dusseldorf, where we took our Vienna-flight. It didn’t take us long to arrive in the center of Vienna after landing in the beautiful country of Austria. Our taxi dropped us of at the airport, which was just an inch away from the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. After unpacking our bags and freshen up a bit we immediately went to the city center to explore a bit of late-night Vienna.

The scenery of late-night Vienna is one that I can hardly forget. The atmosphere of the city center during this Friday-night was so lively yet so gentle and calm that I can definitely long for such days.

We visited around May and the warmth of the sun still lingered in the streets of the center of Vienna. When walking around the corner of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral I found myself in a massive street, with high, beautifully decorated, white buildings. In between the buildings the street was built full with terraces. We could hardly find a spot. Joined by this beautiful view, the sound of laughter, street musicians and a perfect Austrian Sacher-torte my night quickly became perfect. It set the tone for the rest of my visit to Vienna, and whenever someone asks me about the city, or when reminiscing, this is the moment I think about.  The perfect ambiance of friendly and cultural Vienna.

I think that Vienna has one of the most beautiful art scenes I’ve ever seen. Every house is built with extreme detailing. The music, art and cultural history is one you must explore and the city itself is bursting with beautiful little spots.

So even though it’s hardly possible to discover Vienna in a short weekend-trip, it’s a great start. And I’m going to help you with it.

Vienna, Austria - The Tourist Of Life
Vienna, Austria - The Tourist Of Life

Enter the St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Even as an atheist I always love to visit religious sights. It still amazes me how these cathedrals were built with so much energy, love, patience and detailing. The St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the biggest Cathedrals of Vienna, and even if you wanted to: you can’t deny it’s there – standing in a prominent location of the city you will encounter it sooner or later.

Even if it’s just for a minute: visit this Cathedral. Once again, the details will amaze you.

For the lover of music: Visit the Mozart Haus

With parents who are huge lovers for classical music, it was no surprise I was taken to see the adres in Vienna where Mozart used to live from 1784 to 1787. While at first I didn’t expect to like visiting this museum because I am not into classical music like my parents, I end up really liking the experience of standing inside Mozart’s former house!

Guess my parents taught me a bit more than I thought, ha!

While this museum is small, I feel like it 100% belongs to Vienna and her history, so even if it’s just for this little ‘Vienna-experience’ I think it’s definitely worth visiting.

Vienna, Austria - The Tourist Of Life
Vienna, Austria - The Tourist Of Life

Visit the Hundertwasserhaus

Marked as one of Europe’s strangest museums (in my perspective, at least) this unique piece of Vienna is a piece you must visit. The Hundertwasserhaus is a museum highlighting everything of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an important Austrian artist from the 20th century. Hundertwasser made it his mission to create art without the use of straight lines, and that is exactly what you’ll find at the Hunderwasserhaus: not a single straight line.

Wander around the historic center

One of the reasons why I fell in love with Vienna was because of her historic center. Unlike any other historic center in Europe, you can just breathe in the peace and the beauty of Vienna’s sophisticated art and culture scene when walking around the little streets.

High, triumphal buildings, with the most amazing detailing surround you. Monuments and white statues of women and men pop up everywhere you look and every now and then you’ll spot a little garden or church.

It’s perfect!

Vienna, Austria - The Tourist Of Life

Explore Schönbrunn Palace

If your family looks a bit like mine you’ve seen the Sissi movies a hundred times already. While it weren’t exactly my favorite movies to watch I definitely got excited enough to visit the beautiful palace of Schönbrunn for myself. I love visiting palaces anyway – you can just imagine what life looked like when walking through the beautifully decorated rooms.

Schönbrunn doesn’t disappoint. Definitely take your time when visiting it, and make sure to visit the gardens of the palace, and to take a tour through the palace itself. Absolutely worth it!

Discover the Vienna Opera House

If there is one building you definitely must enter when visiting Vienna it has got to be the Opera House. The Vienna Opera House is everything you want it to be: high ceilings with beautiful paintings, golden and white detailing and the most exciting part: most of it is original!

Attending a show at the Vienna Opera House (opera or ballet) can be pretty expensive – tickets can easily cost up to 100 euros –  but it’s definitely worth it. Even if it’s for getting a peek inside the building alone!

However, if you just want to visit the building without attending a show, you can also buy tickets for a guided tour through the building to get a little behind the scenes look!

Vienna, Austria - The Tourist Of Life
How to spend a weekend in Vienna - The Tourist Of Life