10 Things To Do In Paris

Ahh, Paris.. The city of love, light, art and culture. Personally I can’t get enough of this city – you can’t explain the love a girl has for Paris, non? I think Paris is probably one of the most famous cities of the world, and we all know what to do here: visit the Eiffel Tower, visit the Arc de Triomphe and walk around at the Champs-Élysées .. but did you also think about these 10 things?

1. Climb the Eiffel Tower
Climbing the Eiffel Tower makes you see and experience more of Paris’s biggest tourist attraction through a cheaper way. And it sure as hell will make you appreciate the view more. Besides that, it really isn’t that hard: it looks way more exhausting than it really is! But whatever you do, don’t waste your time standing in line for the elevator!


2. Eat a macaron
You just have to. This typical French cookie is available almost everywhere in Paris. Try one from the macaron store Ladurée. Delicious!


3. See the Eiffel Tower when it gets dark
I think the Eiffel Tower is far more beautiful when it is dark. Actually, I guess that the right term is magical. At night the Eiffel Tower lights up and starts sparkling for a few minutes every hour. Visiting the Eiffel Tower at night is definitely worth your time!


4. Walk around in the 6th arrondisement
The 6th arrondisement is definitely my favorite neighborhood in Paris. The houses look amazing, the Jardin du Luxembourg is a lot more peaceful than the Jardin des Tuileries and the food in the Latin Quartier is de-li-cious! 


5. Visit Musée d’Orsay
Musée d’Orsay is one of the top museums of Paris.. but when you thought about visiting a musea in Paris, did you think about a visit to the Louvre, or the Musée d’Orsay? As the Louvre is so popular and crowded we think going to the Musée d’Orsay instead won’t disappoint you! The building itself is already magnificent to see, and of course there is a huge collection of famous, and less famous paintings.


6. Get painted in Montmartre
Montmartre, another one of my favorite quarters in Paris. The streets are filled with artists who sing, do some kind of street act or ofcourse: paint! When you are in Montmartre you’ll have enough opportunities to get painted so don’t waist those chances!


7. Watch a show at the Moulin Rouge
We’ve all seen the movie right? The shows at the Moulin Rouge are spectacular, definitly something to experience. The shows are a little bit expensive, but worth the money, absolutely!


8. Have dinner at the Eiffel Tower

Talking about a dinner with a view.. You can have your dinner at the Eiffel Tower. How amazing is that?


9. Eat a crêpe at the Jardin des Tuileries
After a week of Paris you’ll be nauseous at the thought of a crêpe, but until that time arrives: eat them like it’s water. They are soooo good.


10. Shop at the Galeries Lafayette..
..And buy yourself an expensive gift.

View over the Champs Elysees in Paris

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  • I’ll definitely have to come back to this list for when I go to Europe next summer. So excited!


  • Perfect list seen as I’m going in 2 weeks! x

  • Olga Rabo

    I love Paris!
    Was there for only 2 days – way too little by any standards!
    I really want to come back there for like 2 weeks to see everything, everything, and even more than that, haha 🙂


    • Paris is amazing, probably one of the only cities in the world you won’t get bored of

      • Tonya Nolan

        I will be in Paris for first time in April. I leave in 52 days. Yes, I am counting down. Thanks for this article. I will be doing some of these things. We are staying in The Marais area, so I am excited to see people write it is a good place.

  • I love how you have a condensed your list to fun adventures that could all be done in one day. And most of them are inexpensive too! I am heading to the UK in March and contemplating taking a day trip to Paris. This will be a great reference for me.

    • You should! Paris is lovely;-)

    • SusanPope

      It would take a week to really see Paris, not a day. Traffic is terrible and everyone walks and takes the train to get around. I recommend you book well in advance for dinner at the Eiffel Tower (do it online). There are a couple of restaurants to choose from, depending on your budget and appetite. It truly is an amazing city. I’m loving this blog!

      • Thanks! Paris is such an amazing city, I think you could stay there as a tourist for over a month and won’t even get bored

      • Thanks so much for your suggestions!

  • Scratching the map

    Lovely tips! Not the typical tips for Paris and easy to do!

  • Great tips! Love Paris, there’s so much you can do there… or not do and just relax!

  • There is SO MUCH to do in Paris but you narrowed it down perfectly! The best of the best!

  • Sean

    Ten isn’t enough! Where’s the Musée D’orsay, dinner on the Seine, and Notre Dame? Love the locks pic!

    • I know, Paris has enough things to do to fill a month, but if I included everything it would be quite a long article 😉

  • Agree with you, Paris is really the city of love, light, art and culture and it has lately become to be my second home. To get a good overview of Paris I have put out a lot of interesting Paris highlights on a Google Map:


  • Melody Pittman

    Moulin Rouge and macaroons….I still cannot figure out how I’ve lived my whole life without ever seeing Paris. 😉 You are making it tempting…

  • SusanPope

    I agree with all these things and the additional comments like Notre Dame. Paris is amazing however Im going to be nit picky and say that the cookies you are talking about are called Macarons. The main ingredient is almond meal and 2 cookies get stuck together with a flavorful filling. They come in delicious flavors and beautiful colors. Macaroons are something else – the main ingredient is coconut and they are more of a ball shape with no filling. These I did not see in Paris. I ate several Macarons in Paris then came home and started making them myself. So delicious!

    • Maureen Sinclair

      In fact ‘macaroon’ is the English for ‘macaron’. There are macaroons made from coconut but there is also the old fashioned macaroon known in Britain that is made from ground almonds. It is a brown colour, flat and with an almond on top. http://www.pudsyoulike.co.uk/proper-old-fashioned-macaroon-recipe/

      • Changed it! Thanks for the feedback

      • SusanPope

        That may be. I remember those flat almond cookies, but they are not the same as the French Macaron. All this talk is making me miss Paris!

    • Thanks for your comment! I thought Macaroon was the english term of Maracons, but I added it now;-) However.. they really are delicious<3

  • Marie Ar Kalvez

    A REALLY Great article but be careful, a macaroon is not a MACARON, macaroon are the delicious coconut pastries and macarons are the French treasures. People often confuse both of them but they are very different 🙂

    • Maureen Sinclair

      In fact ‘macaroon’ is the English for ‘macaron’. There are macaroons made from coconut but there is also the old fashioned macaroon known in Britain that is made from ground almonds. It is a brown colour, flat and with an almond on top

    • I noticed, and added it.. thank you for the feedback!

  • Vbogaert

    Please don’t suggest putting locks on the pont des arts bridge. It’s actually causing serious damage to the bridge, to the point that a section collapsed this past year. As tourists, we should be mindful of the damage we can cause to the places we love. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2652684/Paris-Pont-des-Arts-bridge-collapses-weight-thousands-love-locks-left-tourists-prompting-calls-practice-banned.html

    • I knew that the locks were heavy, so they had to replace the fences once in a while, but I thought as long as they did that the bridge would not get harmed any further, because they take care of the weight of the bridge. Thanks for your feedback, you’re right: we should be careful with the places we love

      • Vbogaert

        No, railing had been replaced several times prior to it collapsing, and it still fell, and there’s concern someone could be seriously injured. The mayor has discouraged the practice and they’re looking for alternatives for people to put their locks on, since stationing a guard 24/7 is hardly practical. On top of that it’s annoying and costly to the citizens of Paris to continually have to repair the bridge. I’ve been to going to Paris yearly for over 14 years, and the Pont des Arts has changed from a serene, beautiful spot where you could sit and look down the seine, to a crowded, noisy spot full of vendors hocking locks (loudly) with the view now a mass of ugly metal. Hardly romantic.

  • This is great information I would like to visit Paris soon and the Eifell Tower is something I have always admired. It looks so gorgeous all lit up at night and eating there would be so romantic. I also love Macaroons. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Yolande Audon-Sauvage

    Please no more locks on the bridge it is falling down. They had to remove All the locks .
    Locks are very Heavy and destroy bridges and places.
    Thank you. And welcome in Paris

  • Gina Julian

    Agreed with those below… no more locks. It’s terrible what they are doing to the bridge! Paris is a beautiful city for all those reasons listed in this article, but the locks are tearing down that beauty.

  • Cheryl crotty

    I love Paris and you can go over and over again…so much to do and eat…it was fun reading about all my favorite places…and it doesn’t matter how you spelled macaron…I know what you meant…delicious…

  • Kayleigh Lindstedt

    I loved Paris and will definitely go back! I did most of the things on your list when I was there. We put a lock on the bridge, visited the tower and went up it in the dark! And Laduree macarons are amazing!! We went to Jardin de Luxembourg and Galleries Layfeyette. If I go back Id like to see and do more! Such an amazing and interesting city!!!

    Kay xx

    • louloufrance

      How “nice” that you decided to selfishly vandalize a city you are visiting as a tourist, by placing one of those ridiculous locks on the Paris bridges. People like you should be fined and/or arrested.

      • Kayleigh Lindstedt

        I think you need to get off your high horse! I’ll have you know I have a lot of respect for Paris, it is a beautiful city and the bridge wasn’t damaged when I was there! I am not a selfish tourist, I even took French lessons before I visited as a mark of respect so I didn’t come across as ignorant or rude! I find it quite hurtful that you would accuse me, when there are people actively selling locks right along the Seine!!! They are the biggest culprits and there was no threat of damage when I visited and placed my lock!

        Thanks for ruining my evening with your accusatory tone, I really appreciate it!

        • louloufrance

          Sorry for ruining your evening. Maybe you should be a bit less self-centered and think of the millions of residents of Paris…because it is their (and my) city that you are vandalizing.

          • Kayleigh Lindstedt

            Maybe you should stop attacking me and calling me self-centred when you don’t even know me. I’m sure you’re a lovely person but you’re not portraying yourself in a very good light. I’ll leave it at that. I love your beautiful city, you’re very lucky to live there.

          • louloufrance

            Sadly, your attitude that you weren’t damaging the bridges is shared by all the vandals placing locks on them.
            Then this happens:

          • Kayleigh Lindstedt

            oooh there you go calling me a vandal again! So I’m self-centred, selfish and now a vandal? Thanks for your kind comments I really appreciate your honesty! You must have quite an interesting life if you feel the need to constantly victimise me, it really is quite sad. I didn’t throw my key in the river, I kept it. And I would never have placed the lock had I known I was causing a problem. But there’s nothing I can do about it now. So please leave me alone before I report you to Disqus for bullying, slander and victimisation.

            Have a wonderful Monday!

          • Ladies please, keep it nice an clean on my blog. As much as I like receiving email alerts from Disqus about your ‘discussion’ … this has gone on long enough now.

          • Kayleigh Lindstedt

            Yes I apologise. I absolutely love your blog, I just felt like Id been attacked and that I should defend myself. Apologies if anything I said caused any offence to your readers. Once again, fab post xx

  • A great selection of things to do! Montmartre is my favourite spot in Paris and I had an artist create a ‘cut out’ of me whilst I was eating dinner. I’d also suggest taking a walk along the Seine (especially at sunset) as there’s usually some really cool stalls and art shops open along its length.

  • Letempsdunpost

    I have to agree with Vbogaert :(. It’s creating a lot of problems.
    And to that list I would add : wander in Le Marais 🙂 its such an amazing neighborhood with an unique vibe.

    • That should be an amazing neighborhood as well! I think I walked through it but I don’t know for sure;-) But I hear great things about it!

  • Claqueboule Pilar

    Please, do not lock our passerelle du pont des arts anymore. Find something else, more original, more whimsical and less damaging for a declaration of love…

  • pat

    Lovely article, but if you truly love Paris, why promote destroying it? The locks are a blight on the city, dangerous, and not fair to the people who live there and have to use the bridge every day. I strongly urge you to remove the photo and # 5 and substitute another suggestion and photo, perhaps of macarons? Here’s a link to a recent story in The New Yorker that includes information on a campaign to stop the locks on the Pont des Arts: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/12/08/view-bridge

    • I knew the bridge was damaged, but I thought that they replaced a fence one in a while and there was no further harm done. After a lot of feedback from readers, including you, I changed my article!

      • pat

        Paris is grateful! Thanks, Yvonne!

  • Le Flaneur

    Oh dear very tourist central blog (bar the Musee D’Orsay tip), couldn’t be more obvious if you tried. ‘Get painted in Montmartre’?? C’mon! For those who really want to ‘see’, smell, feel and enjoy the real Paris stay away from the tourist hoards and avoid most of these suggestions. Get your sensible shoes on and walk, be a flaneur because Paris is small, it is a walkers city, every street and alleyway holds a story, the cities ancient nooks and crannies are infinitely more rewarding than a trip up the Eifel Tower with a busload of tourists. Walk the streets but do look up, up above the shopfronts at the marvellous architecture so Parisian, poke your nose in and you can enjoy quietly at your own pace, find that little bar or bistro the locals go to, stay awhile and soak up the real Paris ambience, as Hemingway said Paris is a moveable feast, do it this way and you take it with you.

    • Touristy things, but then again they are “Paris experiences’ for those who don’t live there;-)

      I am with you on the other things.. the architecture of Paris is wonderful and the small bars and bistros are the best

  • I love Paris and I can totally agree that the Eiffel Tower is gorgeous at night, it really is magical and you have to climb the stairs to get the full experience!

  • Yanira Garza

    I am going with my husband and kids (5 and 1) in a month! So excited and yes, we are staying in Montemartre. I’m trying so hard to get them to learn a few phrases in French but they only respond in Spanish. Oh, well. If you have any recommendation as to where to go with children, that would be great.

    • Anna

      Definitely visit Disneyland, your kids will love it! I’m pretty sure you’ll find a couple of carousels to keep them entertained and don’t spend too much time in the museums (I visited Paris when I was 8.5 and my brother 5)! Have fun!

      • Yanira Garza

        Thanks! My 5 year old actually LOVES museums. The 1 year old prefers aquariums.

    • louloufrance

      Your kids will have a great time! Here’s a good resource for things to do: http://www.timeout.com/paris/en/for-kids

      Have fun!

      • Yanira Garza

        Thank you so much!

    • Sounds like the Griswalds European Vacation.

      • Yanira Garza

        Funniest comment ever but man I hope not!

  • Karen F

    I think a great addition to this article would be having Angelina,s delicious Hot chocolate and desserts .it is the best in Europe

  • Andres Poiche
  • NYC Style Cannoli

    I hope to visit Paris in the next few years Angelina is another place I wish to visit
    Don’t think I will climb the tower as not a fan of heights but seeing it at night should be oh so lovely
    Rosemary from

  • What’s the best site to go to plan a trip to Paris?

  • I want to suggest some additional things to do in Paris

    River Seine –

    A cruise on River Seine is bound to be one of the most unforgettable moments of your Paris trip. Most of Paris’ iconic attractions are located by the river which makes the boat ride even more incredible. Choose a dinner cruise with your partner and watch your boat pass all the beautiful bridges of Paris and experience the millions of twinkling lights that illuminate this larger-than-life metropolis.

    National Museum of Natural History –

    Learn about the proud but extinct dodo at Galerie de l’evolution and admire hunks of meteorites at the Galerie de Mineralogie et de Geologie or just admire the stuffed animals parading through their natural habitats at this incredible museum. Located in a majestic building, the museum is both informative and fun for kids and adults alike.

    Musee De L’ Orangerie –

    Prepare to be enraptured by panoramic Monet masterpieces at the Musee de L’Orangerie. The museum exhibits impressionist and post impressionist paintings that are exhibited in a non-crowded fashion, just as stipulated by Monet himself.

    Sacre Coeur Montmartrel –

    The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, usually regarded as the Sacre-Coeur Basilica, is a Roman Catholic God’s house and minor basilica, committed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Paris, France. A famous milestone, the basilica is placed at the summit of the butte Montmartre, the most astounding focus in the city.

    Also there are lot of things to do in Paris like Army Museum, Luxembourg
    gardens, Place de la Concorde, The Montmartre. You can get the more http://www.triphobo.com/paris-france

  • Harald Kober

    Seriously, the Louvre is not in the List?

    • With this post I wanted to highlight other things you could do in Paris, that is why the Notre Dame, the Sacre Coeur, Champs Élysees and the Louvre etc are not on this list.. everyone already knows about those tourist attractions anyway. So what would be the point of making an article with only those things listed on it?

  • Kari Guastella

    I will be there in 3 months! Seriously so excited!

  • I am going to Paris in few weeks thank you very much for the guide 🙂

  • Sue Jones

    People who focus on Notre Dame often miss a much more spectacular cathedral on the west end of the same Ile de la Cite as N.D., Ste Chappelle. It was built for the royalty at the same time as N.D. was being built for the people, and is as close as one can get to walking into a kaleidoscope.
    Another lesser known site is Le Monument de la Deportation, behind Notre Dame, downstairs at the River Seine level. It is a tribute to the Jews who were taken out of Paris by the Germans in WW2. Look for the stairway down and the low stone wall that looks like it is lettered in blood.

  • Sue Jones

    With regard to whether or not to take the time to see the Louvre…they have a wonderful audio tour narrated by one of the daVinci Code stars, that takes you to many of the highlights you would want to see, in about 2 hours instead of several days. Worth the audio rental! (and YES..the Musee d’Orsay is much more do-able; it has an incredible collection of post-1850 art (up to about 1920, I think) in a beautiful restored train station.) If you don’t know the difference in what is in the museums you could be disappointed. Do your homework – go to the museum web sites.

  • anna kimbo

    Just what I needed – thanks for a great post, just have to wait for the weather to improve! anna{}kimbo xx

  • koukou

    Centre George Pompidou is my favourite for modern art and a cool hangout spot. Watch street performers and local artists selling their wares. Climb to the top to get a birds eye view of Paris. Amusez vous bien.

  • ThatsMee Ayelee

    This is a nice presentation of Paris, bt there are so many other things to do in Paris that I would value more.
    Wander around in Le Marais and its small streets and have a tea there. Visit the Cartier Foundation, the LV Foundation or even the Louvre.
    Have a drink on the rooftop of Pompidou’s center. Go and see the fountains show at Versailles… Eat at a French Bistro…
    I live in Paris and blogg about it. Next time you come, I’d be happy to give you more ideas 🙂

    ThatsMee Ayelee

  • Love this post, and am happy to see that we agree on so many of the Paris places to see. Thank you. Ellen