I read a lot of stories about people who quit their job, sell everything they own and go to travel the world full-time – to maybe never come back. A very dramatic decision that leaves a lot of people (and blogreaders) jealous. I know it sounds very idyllic, to travel fulltime and to never return home again – as you sold everything you had you don’t even have a home anymore.


Today I wanted to write this article because a lot of people read these stories and reflect those on their own life with an ‘why can’t I do that?’ and end up sitting at the couch moping and moping. I don’t want you to feel like this, as it isn’t necessary. The truth is that the few people who live this nomadic lifestyle are really a few people with a lot of luck they can live like this. But also, they probably didn’t had much to leave behind. For a lot of people -including me- this lifestyle isn’t realistic. It doesn’t have to be thought, traveling the world doesn’t mean leaving everything behind. You CAN travel the world without doing this, you just need to put in a little bit more effort, and a little bit more time.


I could never do it myself either; I’m not someone who can life out of a suitcase. I need a home to return to after traveling, I need someone to talk to about everywhere I’ve been and showing the photos I took, I need my own shower and I definitely need my own bed and own food. Traveling the world full-time wouldn’t be something I want to do, it doesn’t even appeal to me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love traveling and I do want to travel the world. But full-time? No thanks. I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate that too.


So how can you get to travel the world without leaving everything behind?


It’s all about time management. Whether you are a student or whether you have a job I think it is all about time management. Set a date when you want to travel and work everything around that date. It don’t have to be long trips, you can go on weekend trips too. If you fly out on a friday afternoon or evening and return monday morning you basically don’t have to ask for a day off at work and you’re work/school routine barely gets messed up. As long as you plan around it good: when you have a big deadline that week after it you just have got to make sure you finished it before you fly, or you bring your laptop with you.


Traveling overseas needs a lot of time management: but whatever it is that you are doing.. everyone has vacations, days off and you can maybe even work from out your hotel. Just make sure that you get the chance to travel because you got the time for it!

The Tourist Of Life

You can travel for your work or school. Maybe your job has options to travel abroad – asking never hurts anyone. I know schools definitely have a lot of options to travel abroad. You can study abroad (for a semester, two semesters or even your entire 4 years) or you can go on school excursions, follow language courses abroad or intern abroad. A more dramatic choice would be quitting your current job to apply for a new one that offers you to travel.

Be a tourist in your own country. Of course there are moments you can not go away for a long period of time or far away. So why not explore your own country? There probably are a lot of museums, pieces of natures and cities that you haven’t seen yet! Don’t be scared to think ‘I still have a lot to discover in the place where I live’, because chances are that you would be right about that.

The Tourist Of Life

Set your priorities straight. When you have a busy life and you want to travel the world chances are it is hard. Note: it isn’t harder than selling everything you have and travel full-time. But you do have to plan around a lot of things, you have to give up things and you probably have to work a lot harder to be able to travel. So just one tip: set your priorities straight. If you want to travel you can; you just have to know how bad you want it.


Going overseas is a lot more expensive than short trips are. And without prioritizing wanting to travel overseas you probably won’t be able to save the money to do so. But remember that experiences are a lot more precious than items. Give yourself a savings account, make time, maybe get an extra job and push yourself to fulfill your dreams! I wrote an article about saving for traveling, right here.


You don’t have to see everything, right now. When you see other people travel from one place to another you can only think: “God, I wish I could do that!’. Just please remember: you don’t have to see everything right this second, right this year. I mean; dreaming is a lot of fun too: looking forward to trips, planning them and thinking about them is half the fun! What would life be if you already had seen everything you wanted? You need to have something to look forward too!