Friends Hotel Düsseldorf

Exactly one year ago I got to visit Düsseldorf for my very first time. A city that you now know all, I absolutely fell in love with and wanted to return back to ever since visiting.

Last year, with a huge thanks to Düsseldorf Tourismus I discovered Hotel Friends in Düsseldorf. A hidden hotel close to the Hauptbahnhof, that looks fairly small from outside – but will surprise you once you step inside. Right now, Hotel Friends is still is one of my favorite hotels I ever got to visit.

So this year, when visiting Düsseldorf again I didn’t have to think long about the hotel I wanted to stay in. And so I booked Hotel Friends again. Ever since I booked I was excited about finding out which room we were booked in. ‘Cause as funny and pretty as the hotel lobby is – is as crazy the rooms are. Every room in Hotel Friends has her own theme. From a Harry Potter themed room to the Forest room, which was the one I got booked into last year.

Even though Hotel Friends has a fairly simple concept, it makes for one unique hotel you can’t get enough from. And I don’t think I ever stumbled upon a hotel that looks even similar to this one in Düsseldorf. Every time I stepped foot into my room or into the lobby of the hotel I couldn’t keep staring at the walls – at the floor – at the furniture or at the ceiling to find new hidden objects I hadn’t yet seen before. It seems like the owner of the hotel really likes to do some vintage shopping every now and then.

But it’s a great excuse to linger around, order an Alt beer and relax for a bit before (or after) discovering the city itself.

Friends Hotel DüsseldorfFriends Hotel Düsseldorf

Friends Hotel DüsseldorfFriends Hotel DüsseldorfFriends Hotel DüsseldorfThis year I got the craziest hotel room of them all – which you could spot from a mile away. Like literally a mile away. The door to our hotelroom was covered up with black sparkles, making it one very unique entrance. One that every other door could be jealous of.

Entering our room, the sparkle-madness continues. An enormous amount of very wrong furniture, glittery bits, ghost busters pillows and glittery decorations kinda made it look like a naughty film decor. However, our room was designed by no-one less than Franco Stork, a German fashion designer. Which if you compare the photos below to your Google search results won’t surprise you for one bit!

Friends Hotel Düsseldorf

Friends Hotel Düsseldorf

Friends Hotel DüsseldorfFriends Hotel DüsseldorfMore information about Hotel Friends, their prices and their awesome rooms?

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