One of the best reasons I think everyone should travel is because it will change you in so many ways.. all for the better. I’ve learned so much during my travels, and every time I return home I find myself more ‘educated’ about the world and I just feel as if I gained so much more respect for mother earth. I too travel because it changes me. But mostly, when saying that traveling changes people, everyone reacts that that sounds dreamy and not so realistic. So how does traveling actually change you?


You value life and the little things of it
Traveling around the world will give you a lot more perspective on life. You’ll see love and grief and you’ll experience how other people live their lives. By seeing and learning about these things you’ll learn to understand the value of everything in life and you’ll get more grateful of it.


Traveling broadens your horizons
Before going to the USA I wouldn’t dare to hike as I didn’t found walking and hiking that ‘attractive’. But once I was in Bryce Canyon and knew I would only see the most beautiful landscapes once I would hike through them. After that I learned to love it. I know go hiking a lot (out of free will!) and love to learn and see nature and all aspects of it. I also started going to a lot of art and history museums because I feel like this is a good way of getting to know and understand a destination better. While five years ago I never entered any museum as I found it quite boring. Traveling broadens your horizons in many different ways, whether it are my two examples above, or whether we talk about experiencing different cultures and learning about experiences. Horizons definitely are broadened while traveling.


You’ll learn that experiences are more precious than things
Remember the quote ‘Buy experiences, not things.’? Exactly that is what you’ll learn when you travel. Memories are far more precious in life than new clothes or a slightly more expensive car and you’ll only learn that if you create good experiences yourself.


The Tourist Of Life


Your confidence will grow
My confidence definitely grew after I started to travel solo. I learned to rely on myself, I learned to ‘safe’ myself in hard situations and I met so much people that that also helped growing my confidence. But this doesn’t only happen if you travel solo. I guess it does happen  little bit faster as you have to do everything yourself when traveling solo. But after traveling for a long time (whether half a year or a lot of weekend trips) you’ll find yourself in different or hard situations where you have to ‘rescue’ yourself. But also because of (mentioned above) saying yes more and meeting new people you’ll definitely get more confident!


You’ll respect different cultures more
Once you go abroad you can’t get around different cultures and habits anymore. By that you’ll learn to understand them, adjust to them and love them. Respecting new cultures and learning about them is a big part of traveling and why people travel in the first place. Experiencing different cultures will definitely change you!


You become more social
Never have I ever met so many people as during traveling! It doesn’t matter if you travel solo or with friends, once you start to travel more often you’ll learn to know so many people that you can’t not become more social.

Amalfi coast - The Tourist Of Life

Saying ‘yes’ to new things will become more obvious
At some points you have to say yes to new things, like eating food you never heard of because otherwise you won’t have nothing to eat. You’ll also start to say yes to trying new things that will help you experience your destination more. Like climbing the Eiffel Tower even though you are afraid of heights. And all of the sudden you get the hang of saying yes to new things and you’ll say it so much you’ll surprise yourself! Saying yes, and thereby stepping out of your comfort zone, will become regular for you!


You’ll learn to enjoy the moment
Everyone get’s a piece of ‘Carpe Diem’ when starting to travel. Everything you experience while traveling is happening at that very moment. Standing still,  and let yourself be breathtaking is a big part of the full experience you’ll get from it and therefor you’ll learn to enjoy the moment.


You’ll learn to know yourself better
..And you’ll learn to rely on yourself. When I started traveling solo I didn’t know I could do so much ‘alone’. But going abroad alone I learned how good I could actually speak French, for example. During traveling you have to safe yourself in all these different situations and countries which is how you learn to know yourself better. Afterwards you’ll be flabbergasted with how good you handled all of this. Traveling definitely lets you see what you are capable off!