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The Best Brunch Spots In Berlin


If you have read my last articles about Berlin you already know it: Berlin is a modern city, with cool and good hotspots around every corner. Ugh, I’ve written and read the word hotspots so much the last couple of days that I’m already getting sick of talking about it again;-) But it is true: Berlin is definitely one of Europe’s best cities for discovering cool small places. Eating your way through Berlin definitely isn’t a challenge. Unless you have a small appetite. Than you are going to have a hard time, because really, the food of Berlin is good!


So today I wanted to share with you the best brunch spots of Berlin, for you to remember for your next visit to this city!

Berlin Neukölln - The Tourist Of Life
Best Brunch Spots In Berlin - The Tourist Of Life

Flamingo Fresh Food Bar

It looks cool, it looks fresh and the food is great and healthy. The Flamingo Fresh Food Bar has loads of food options so even for the picky-eaters this is a really good option for brunch.


Oh, just on other thing about this place: the prices won’t make you cry. Always good to know, right?;-)


Where? Neustädtische Kirchstraße 8

Best Brunch Spots In Berlin - The Tourist Of Life


Somewhere in Neukölln you’ll find this small little restaurant where it is always packed with people. Why visit it? Next to the fact that the food looks great, tastes great and that the menu isn’t your average menu, the restaurant itselfs looks great as well! You will not get bored here.


Where? Pannierstrasse 64

Best Brunch Spots In Berlin - The Tourist Of Life

The California Breakfast Slam

Eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at this little place because it is totally worth it. As the name of the place already says it is a typical American-food restaurant. Just to give you an idea of the menu: burgers, mac and cheese, grilled cheese and pancakes. Do I need to say more?


Where? Innstraße 47

Best Brunch Spots In Berlin - The Tourist Of Life

Melbourne Canteen

This restaurant is perfect for breakfast and lunch while it also offers a bunch of cocktails for you to enjoy. Ah well, who said eggs and bloody mary’s weren’t a good combination? This restaurant has it all: the atmosphere, the great drinks and the good, delicious AND healthy foods. Definitely make a stop here!


Where? Pannierstraße 57

Best Brunch Spots In Berlin - The Tourist Of Life


Hidden in the Görlitzer Park you’ll find the restaurant and café Nest. This restaurant is a great place for everyone who likes to eat.. a lot. Really, everything on the menu looks delicious and I’m probably sure it all tastes delicious as well (jup haven’t tried everything on the menu;-). Are you a vegetarian? No problem! Nest has a lot of vegan an vegetarian options!


Where? Görlitzer Strasse 52

Best Brunch Spots In Berlin - The Tourist Of Life


In the need for a burger? Check out Burgermeister. I mean, I am vegetarian, but those burgers look goooood. Funny (and a bit weird) thing about this restaurant? It is situated in a former public toilet from the Berlin U-bahn.


Where? Oberbaumstraße 8

Best Brunch Spots In Berlin - The Tourist Of Life

Sing Blackbird

Sing Blackbird is definitely one of those cool hotspots I was talking about earlier. Because next to the fact that Sing Blackbird is one of this must-visit lunch spots in Berlin, it is also a vintage clothing store. Jup. So what to expect? Lots of clothes, hip staff and visitors and not-your-daily-lunch lunches. You should go here for the experience, and for the fun!


Where? Sanderstraße 11

Best Brunch Spots In Berlin - The Tourist Of Life

Mogg & Melzer

Mogg & Melzer is an American style deli where you must try a sandwich or two. The restaurant is situated in a former jewish girls school.. so I guess you can imagine: Mogg & Melzer has the looks and the foods.


Where? Auguststraße 11-13

Best Brunch Spots In Berlin - The Tourist Of Life


Lokal is one of those places that you have to see on the inside before falling in love with it. And trust me you will fall in love with it. The restaurant itself is simple, minimalistic and 100% Berlin. An impression of the food? Soup, salads, sandwiches and typical German dishes.


Where? Linienstraße 160