TRAVEL EUROPE: Is Ibiza just a party island or more?

When I was eighteen I went to Ibiza. Not with the intention to party the whole entire week. No, the opposite actually. I wanted to see some culture, landscapes but I also looked for a destination with a great ambiance, beaches and vivid villages. But now that I’ve been there I can answer the question. Is Ibiza just a party island or can you also visit it when you want to get more out of your trip?

Well, yes. You can visit Ibiza with the intention to explore the island. Ibiza really isn’t just partying. But because the island is so focused on their reputation as party island you just can’t get around that part of Ibiza and you start to think that it truly is only that. And yes, there are clubs, party boats, billboards and flyers of the clubs, shops and restaurants of the clubs, party people etc. Everywhere you go you’ll get confronted with the clubs and every year it seems to get worse. But there are other sides of Ibiza.


Ibiza town

I’ve been in Ibiza for 14 days. That is enough to explore the island. Ibiza has a lot of villages to see but not much historical things to visit. For the most part Ibiza lives out of tourism and their salt fields. You can visit the salt fields but there isn’t that much to see. Besides that Ibiza has caves you can visit, beautiful landscapes and beaches, and of course the well known hippy markets. For the historical part of Ibiza you have to go to Ibiza town, it is the oldest (and by far the prettiest) part of Ibiza. But then again if you go to a new village you can see the three million dollar houses of famous DJ’s. Who says that isn’t fun too?;-)

If you want to go to Ibiza without getting confronted with the clubs and the party people all the time I recommend you to go to Ibiza town or a place near Ibiza Town like Figueretas. Trust me.. don’t go to San Antoni unless you want to be constantly surrounded by drunk teenagers. Staying in a village near Ibiza Town is more peaceful and quiet and Ibiza Town is the best part of Ibiza (especially the old part of Ibiza Town). There is always something to do, it is vivid and the old part looks gorgeous. The island isn’t that big so you can get far just by walking, you can hire a car or a scooter or you can go by taxi or by bus, there are plenty of those and not even that expensive!

Oh, and just for one time, visit a club. Just to say that you’ve been there;-)




DIARY: The four days marches

I’ve never seen Nijmegen so vivid before. It is friday, the last day of the four days marches and it is amazing to see how crowded it gets here. Right now I am laying in my bed, with my feet out of the window watching the marchers walking by (I live near the finish, and on the last day they walk past my house) and typing this article.

I love this week in Nijmegen. More than 40.000 people from all over the world have traveled to Nijmegen to walk 30, 40 or 50 kilometers for four days in a row. Even more people come to Nijmegen just to experience it and to celebrate. The four days marches is such a hectic time in Nijmegen. This whole week Nijmegen was crowded, there is music everywhere, flee markets, games and activities and everyone is just together to support the marchers who walk this year.

After this enthusiastic story and with 30 degrees.. why am I in bed? Well, I’m absolutely broken. For the last five days I’ve worked my but off in a restaurant here in Nijmegen. A three story high restaurant with just one kitchen, which meant that I’ve been running up and down the stairs with heavy plates in my hands for five entire evenings. My feet are swollen, an injury I thought I’d just recovered of (shin splints) is back because of all the running up and down the stairs and I’m tired as hell. Tonight is my last night at work and I’m mentally preparing for it right now. But despite of the hard work I’m having the best time with my colleagues, my friends and my roommates.

20I took this photo on monday. We had an amazing view from the restaurant. The fireworks are a traditional beginning of the first day of the four days marches. That night at 4 AM they started walking.

Unfortunately today is a little bit different then all the other days of this week. I’m sure you’ve heard that a plane of Malaysian Airlines crashed yesterday. Because a lot of victims are from Holland and from this specific area of Holland there is a little bit of a sadder ambiance to honor and pray for the victims. Of course, my heart goes out to the victims and everyone who is involved. Such a terrible thing never should have happened.

The four days marches is also the reason why I’m a little bit absent, I’ve been working hard from 3 PM till 12 PM and slept in everyday because I just had to. Next week I’m leaving for Paris and after that I’m going to the Czech Republic, so there will be a lot of new content for my blog!