Berlin has always crossed my mind as a city for hipsters, alternatives but most of all: hundreds of unique hotspots; whether we are talking about hotels, restaurants, cafe’s or small shops. I think it is because of this fact that Berlin itself is a hotspot among a lot of tourists and travelers: no matter what you love or no matter what kind of traveler you are.. Berlin has it all.

In the centre of Berlin, between history, modern cultures and all those hotspots you should be staying in a fabulous hotel -and a hotspot itself. So where to stay? The Tourist Of Life named 5 hotels you should seriously consider!

1. Modern and budget in (motel) one

Motel One Berlin MitteMotel One Berlin-Mitte

Motel One has a lot of hotels in Berlin, and hotel Berlin-Mitte is one of them. Berlin-Mitte is very close to the city center of Berlin and rents wonderful rooms to their hotel guests – all in a very modern and luxurious style. Who wouldn’t want to stay here? Berlin-Mitte is a great place to stay for solo travelers, business travelers, but also for couples and friends – they don’t have hotel rooms for more than two persons.

Price per night from: €61,95.

2. Creativity, Chilling, Cosiness

25hours Hotel Bikini, Berlin 125hours Hotel Bikini, Berlin

I just mentioned that Berlin is full of cool hotspots, right? Well this hotel is definitely one of them! 25hours Hotel Bikini will not bore you, and after spending your day in the center of Berlin you don’t want to do anything more than returning to your hotel and spending your evening there. Hotel Bikini is filled with creative spaces where you can chill and enjoy. I mean, how many hotels have you been to where you can sleep in a hammock in stead of a bed? Oh, just another cool feature of the hotel: you can choose between a hotel with city view or a view over the Berlin zoo!

Price per night from: €130,00

3. A book palace

Michelberger Hotel, BerlinMichelberger Hotel, Berlin

Do me a favor and go to the website of the Michelberger Hotel to know where I am talking about if I say that this is another cool ‘hipster’ hotspot in Berlin. Michelberger Hotel has the most genially decorated hotel rooms and you should definitely check them out! For all the book freaks among us this is the most perfect hotel ever. Best thing about it? The Michelberger Hotel is fairly priced and even budget travelers can enjoy their stay here!

Price per night from: €80,00

4. A central hotel for every traveler
Meinginger Hotel Berlin Mitte HumboldthausMeinginger Hotel Berlin Mitte Humboldthaus 1

No matter who you are traveling with you can stay in the Meinginger Hotel Berlin Mitte Humboldthaus. It is a hotel for everyone. You can stay in the Meinginger Hotel as a solo traveler, but also when you are traveling with groups or friends. Best things about the hotel? They have delicious food and snacks, great designed rooms and it is very spacious. You can even bring your pets to this hotel and rent bicycles!

Price per night from: €12,00

5. Five star luxury

Waldorf Astoria BerlinWaldorf Astoria Berlin

And than we have that hotel for people who have everything except for a clue of to spend their money. What a dream it would be to stay in the Waldorf Astoria Berlin. This five star hotel definitely has it all: swimming pools, restaurants, amazing views and an amazing location and a fitness and spa. When you can stay in this hotel -which is by the way rated as one of the top five star hotels of Berlin- a good time in Berlin is guaranteed!

Price per night from: €180,00[:]