Madrid, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

Spain to me is the ultimate summer destination of Europe. Even defeating  countries like Greece, Croatia, Italy or Portugal. To me, Spain is the perfect mix of sun, fun and culture. You’ll wake up, wander around the center of a little village or one of the bigger cities, spend your afternoon, or siesta, at one of the many, clear blue beaches, and relish your night at a terrace, enjoying the local dishes Spain so very well knows how to make.

It’s not only my favorite country, too. Many backpackers choose to travel around Spain, enjoying the music and the sun while learning to know other travelers who want to experience the vivid vibe and dynamic country of Spain.

I’ve been to Spain twice. When I was younger, I traveler to Ibiza for a week, where I got to experience one of the more touristic sides of the country: an island almost built to party. I enjoyed the island, the beaches and even the clubs, but still, it didn’t feel like I got to experience the ‘real’ Spain, on this small piece of land floating in the middle of the ocean.

Earlier this year I traveled to Spain once more. Combining the three cities that were high upon my must-visit-list into one 10-day citytrip: I traveled to Barcelona, followed by a visit to Madrid and Valencia. Seeing these three cities so quickly after each other gave me a really good impression of the country and the difference of culture and attitude in these different regions of Spain. I absolutely loved it!

Today I am going to give you 5 reasons of why you should visit one of my favorite countries in Europe as soon as possible and why you should definitely include it in your next trip to Europe!

Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life
Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life
Madrid, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

Because midnight tapas is a thing

HAVING DINNER AT SIX O’CLOCK ISN’T AN OPTION IN SPAIN. And during the ten days I spent in Spain earlier this year I got really good at having a late night dinner. Restaurants are starting to get busy at around eight, but mostly only for short and quick appetizers or tapas rather than the main course. People in Spain really make a big deal out of eating. Which I think is perfectly fine. I like to eat. You can really feel how spending a night in a restaurant like this brings people together. While enjoying your first tapas and dishes of the night you are surrounded by laughter and music. At around ten o’clock restaurants are proper full and the first main courses will be prepared in the kitchen. Laugh, drink Sangria and stay in the restaurants until you get kicked out, only to move to another, new location that hasn’t closed down yet.

I absolutely love having dinner in Spain. It just instantly means that you are going to spend your night good. Overall I feel like the restaurants in Spain are really good too. In bigger cities like Barcelona, restaurants are always filled, and every single restaurant is bursting with energy.

Yes, midnight tapas definitely is a tradition I would like to bring home with me!

Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

Because you can combine active with laid-back

MY PERFECT KIND OF TRAVEL: ACTIVE AND RELAXING. I am not the person to travel to a country only to sit at the beach without seeing anything of the country itself. But I am also not the type of traveler who comes home more tired than she left. Spain, for me, definitely is a perfect combination of active and laid-back.

Most of the bigger cities in Spain, like Barcelona, Valencia and Málaga are  situated directly to the ocean. While walking around the city you’ll spot a glimpse of the waves once in a while, hearing them roll on the beach, as if they are calling your name. But before giving into the craving of laying down in the sand, you’ll spend your time in the city, looking around, wandering around and learning about the culture and history, after which you can have some well-earned ‘vacation’ time.

If you are looking for a cultural and historical city-trip but want to combine it with a bit of sea and sun I can’t recommend any country more than I can recommend Spain. Spain has the best combination of active and laid-back travels in Europe, and if you have tired feet from walking all the way through the most glorious cities and little villages you can stop and relax at the beach!

However, I am not only talking about the cities when saying Spain has the perfect combination of active and laid back. Spain has a countless number of beautiful mountains that you just need to discover, but also a lot of touristic activities like quad rides, mountain biking and of course water sports like surfing.

Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

Because of the nightlife

THE NIGHTLIFE IS ALWAYS A REASON TO TRAVEL TO SPAIN. If there is one thing we know about the Spanish it’s that they are never boring. And if we know one thing about the country it’s that there is always something going on! Spain is known for her insanely good parties, and that is exactly the reason why a lot of young travelers are drawn to the country in the first place. I guess it is no surprise, seeing how the Spanish people themselves spend their nights outdoors, in restaurants and in bars. Spain is all about having a good time, and the bursting nightlife is no exception to that fact.

Sip a cocktail at one of the better cocktailbars in the city, join a party at a rooftop pool, or buy a ticket to enter some of the biggest clubs in the world.

When I was in Ibiza I got to experience some of the coolest clubs of Europe and some of the biggest clubs of the world. While it was really cool to experience these clubs, standing in the middle of the bustle, listening to some of the biggest artists of the world, I much rather prefer the little, undiscovered bars, hidden somewhere in the city, away from the tourists.

Valencia, Spain - The Tourist Of Life
Valencia, Spain - The Tourist Of Life
Valencia, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

Because you can get lost

SPEND YOUR DAYS WANDERING AROUND THE SMALL, LITTLE STREETS OF SPAIN. After spending almost four days in every city I visited in Spain, I learned one thing: it’s way too easy to get lost in a Spanish city. Even after looking at my map for so many times, walking back to the hotel a couple of times a day and figuring out where to go, for me it was still impossible to find my way around the city. High, tall building surround you everywhere you go, and every, small alley looks similar to another.

When saying it like this it almost seems annoying, but for me, it’s perfect. I love a good city where you can get lost, and I definitely like cities that don’t make sense for one bit. A city like this seems more real to me. It was built through history and the streets are proof of that.

Once you know you are getting lost you can let yourself go for a little bit, and let yourself wander off. Go left where you want, go right where you want and stumble upon the most secret hidden spots you know you’ll never find back again.

Valencia, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

Because you’ll always have something to learn

EVERY BUILDING, EVERY STREET AND EVERY MONUMENT HAS A VERY BEAUTIFUL HISTORY. I love the history of Spain. It’s long, beautiful and it determined a big part of what Europe looks like now a days. Almost every city and village you can find in Spain go way back, and that is exactly why I love it. A big part of Spain is built during the Romain Empire, and perhaps, because that is my favorite part of history, that is exactly why I love to learn a thing or two about the cities.

But really, everywhere you go, you can learn something, and during the time you spend in Spain you keep learning and discovering new things about the country. So, perfect for the history buffs among us!