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Mallorca, view over the city - The Tourist Of Life

For European terms Mallorca is pretty touristic. I don’t know why it all of the sudden became ‘hip’ to visit Mallorca, but from what I can remember around five years ago everyone around started me booking trips to Mallorca. I don’t know how well-known the island is for those of you who aren’t from Europe though, as it still is a pretty small island.


Mallorca is like a small European dream, and it is no surprise it became very popular very quickly. White beaches, clear waters, beautiful coastal lines and old towns basically describe Mallorca. A lot of people get a bit hesitative when it comes to visiting a small island that is known as touristic. But I’m here to change your mind about Mallorca and I am here to tell you that you should go, now.



For the romance – A white wine, your favorite cocktail dress and a view over the ocean.. what else would you want for a romantic dinner with your favorite person in the world? Mallorca is as romantic as it can get – and even though some parts of Mallorca are pretty touristic, in other parts you’ll feel like you’re the only one there. Not only the views and the restaurants will leave you behind feeling corny. You’ll also fall in love with the small, romantic Spanish villages that you’ll find on this island and basically every view that you’ll come across. Mallorca is known for being a great destination for lovers and honeymoons. But hey if you still need to find someone to marry with I’m sure Mallorca is a perfect place to start your search for prince charming.

Market in Mallorca


For the cuisine – I mean, Mallorca is a Spanish island. Do I need to say more about the food? Tapas. Tapas everywhere. I am a big lover of the Spanish cuisine. Actually I am a big fan of eating in general. However, there is something about the Spanish cuisine, and the ambiance in the restaurants that definitely has an appeal. The food is great, the restaurants are great and the music on the background is great. Eat your heart out when you are in Mallorca. It won’t disappoint.

Mallorca, coast - The Tourist Of Life


For the coastline – One thing I love about Mallorca is the beauty of the coastline. Rent a car for at least a day and just drive around the coastline, will you. One moment you’ll find yourself driving at the edge of a cliff, looking at the mountains (or well, mountains – they’re not that high) on one side and the beauty of the ocean and the horizon at the other side, while at the other moment you’ll find yourself at the most beautiful beaches and in the most beautiful villages. Mallorca definitely has a coastline that is hard to forget.

Mallorca at night


For the nightlife – One thing that is absolutely undoubtable is that Mallorca has a sparkling and vibrant nightlife. From small bars in small alleys to huge outdoor clubs including pools and famous artists. It is hard to forget the nightlife of Mallorca once you are there: posters and flyers.. everywhere. One thing is sure: the nights you’ll spend in Mallorca won’t have to be boring. Not a big fan of skipping nights? Stay away from the ‘partyzone’ during the evenings and you’ll be totally fine.

Coast of Mallorca - The Tourist Of Life


For the views – I mentioned earlier that the coastline of Mallorca is to die for. You’ll find beautiful views everywhere on the coast: whether it are the cliffs, the beaches or the towns you’ll come across. But that aren’t the only beautiful views you are going to get. How about the views from a restaurant, the views from a boat, or the views in the mainland – where you’ll find robust nature, vineyards and old ‘country side’ houses. Or how about the views of the harbors and citadels? The views of Mallorca is definitely the biggest reason to visit the small island. You need to see this beauty with your own eyes!

5 Reasons To Visit Mallorca - The Tourist Of Life

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