I have visited 20 countries and still.. till today Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. I believe I can’t praise this country enough. Funnily enough actually, as I didn’t expect much of the country before I went. Still, a lot of people haven’t visited Ireland (yet) and maybe are never planning to visit it. Please, let me change your mind.. here are the five reasons why you should visit Ireland.. today!


The people

I can genuinely say that people in Ireland are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone is eager to get to know you, everyone is super outgoing, interested and fun, and going to Ireland definitely results in good conversations, laughter and meeting new friends.


Dublin city guide - The Tourist Of Life



Oh, how can you say you don’t want to visit Dublin? Dublin has such a nice ambiance, good shops, a great culture and things to do, good food and Temple bar will guarantee you of having a good time. I’ve written a city guide of Dublin before, right here, so definitely check this out to get convinced. Dublin is an amazing city; small enough to discover in a short period of time but good enough to stay there for two weeks.. longer even. Best part about the city: they organize a lot of day trips ‘from out’ which means that you can go to a lot of places from Dublin. It isn’t a crowded city as well, so you don’t have to stand in long lines, and tourists don’t overflow the city.


The Nature

Looking for cliffs, beaches, national parks and forests? Ireland has it all, and it is all so good! The nature of Ireland is definitely one of the prettiest ones of Europe.. or at least that is how I feel about it. And all easy accessible as well! No die-hard hiking boots needed here, as you can go to most places by car, hop on and hop off. So whether you want to walk a lot or just want to see the most prettiest sights.. you can do it both in Ireland.


Dublin city guide - The Tourist Of Life


St. Patrick’s Day

Every year Ireland goes crazy for one day. 17 March is the day that St Patrick’s Day is celebrated: a religious and cultural festival. St Patrick’s Day is an Irish festival but celebrated and known around the whole world. Of course, that has its reasons. Now, if you are looking for a good time, you should definitely visit Ireland on and around St Patrick’s Day. Get your green on, buy some Guinness beer and celebrate St Patrick’s Day like a local Irishman!

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Ireland has something to offer for every traveler

Whether you are looking for a quick city break, history lessons, looking for amazing landscapes, or if you are traveling with friends and just want to party.. Ireland is your answer. Ireland really has something to offer for every traveler, and that is a part of why it is such an amazing destination to visit I guess. Because of all the different things you can do here you’ll find a lot of different people and ambiances. Ireland truly has it all!

 5 reasons to visit Ireland - The Tourist Of Life

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