10 Small Towns You Have To See In Europe

Recently I have wrote this article about 10 cities you have to see. So in addition to that article I really wanted to write the article about the small towns you have to see as well. How beautiful and iconic the bigger cities are, is how cute, cultural and authentic the smaller ones are. So yeah, have you seen Europe once you’ve seen the bigger cities? Absolutely not, and therefor you should also consider visiting this ones!


Cesky Krumlov – Czech Republic


Český Krumlov, the Czech Republic - The Tourist Of Life


This small city near Prague is already a highlight for many tourists who come to Europe. And how can it not be? It is charming, cultural and cute.. simply everything you can wish for!


Lille – France


Lille, France - The Tourist Of Life


I’ve named this city before in a post of undiscovered cities of Europe. Partly a reason why you should visit it, but also because it is just a stunning, very cute city full with boutiques, brasseries and French architecture.


Bruges – Belgium


Bruges Belgium - The Tourist Of Life


At the western side of Belgium there is the village Bruges. One of Belgiums most famous cities, and also a highlight for many tourists. For a good reason though: Bruges is a one of a kind city with buildings you can only find in Belgium. A must visit!


Bibury – England


Birbury, England - The Tourist Of Life



This unbelievably picture-perfect city is filled with cute houses – the perfect town to just walk through, watch the houses and photograph everything you see!


Manarola – Italy


Cinq Terre Italy - The Tourist Of Life


Manarola is the most famous city of Cinque Terre – Italy. I think the picture above already explains why to visit this city!


Colmar – France


Colmar France - The Tourist Of Life


Colmar is a little city located in France, filled with the most typical architecture you are probably never going to find outside of Europe. A great city to visit when in Europe, and a city not to miss!


Gruyeres – Switzerland


Gruyeres Switzerland - The Tourist Of Life


Next to that this city is unbelievable lovely it also offers an amazing view over the mountains and the Swiss nature!


Sigtuna – Sweden


Sigtuna Sweden - The Tourist Of Life


Sweden is more than just a visit to Stockholm.. that is proven by villages like Sigtuna. Amazing to visit in both winter and summer as both seasons have their own charms!


Tübingen – Germany


Tübingen Germany - The Tourist Of Life


When looking at the photo above – from the city Tübingen – you already know why to visit it: A stunning city.. worth to spend your time here!


Mostar – Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mostar, Bosnia - The Tourist Of Life


Mostar is getting more famous and famous every day and keeps getting more tourists.  And it isn’t hard to guess why: surrounded by an amazing nature Mostar is definitely a highlight of Bosnia and Herzegovina!