Call me a nerd but after hosting myself a Harry Potter-marathon some time ago and after reading all the books I am a little bit obsessing over it. As much as I love to visit the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio this isn’t the only filming location of the movies. So host yourself a movie tour, and visit the locations named below!

Harry Potter studio - The Tourist Of Life


Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour – London

So let’s just start with the studio anyways. The Warner Bros studio has most of the Harry Potter items, sets, costumes and other things you will remember from the movies. Great to reach from out London, so whenever you are there, buy a ticket for the Harry Potter tour here!


Durham Cathedral – Durham

An amazing church to see, even if it wasn’t used for filming Harry Potter.. but it is. For example: Professor McGonagall’s classes were given in this very church.


Bodleian Library – Oxford

The Bodleian library is the famous library of the Oxford University, but also used as a filming location for three Harry Potter movies.


Reptile House – London Zoo

Who can’t remember this scene of the movie? The Reptile House of the London Zoo was used for the first movie of Harry Potter when he found out he could talk to snakes!

Glenfinnan Viaduct - The Tourist Of Life

Glennfinnan Viaduct – Scotland

This viaduct is the viaduct over which the ‘Hogwarts Express’ train rode. Still does, actually. You can still ride the very exact train route of the movies on the Hogwarts Express – or the Hacobite Steam Train!

King’s Cross Station – London

King’s Cross Station.. I wouldn’t dare to run up the wall between Platform 9 and 10 but you will find a trolley at the spot where platform 9 3/4 is supposed to be. Worth a picture!


Leadenhall Market – London

Right in Bull’s Head Passage in Leadenhall market is the ‘entrance to the Leaky Cauldron’. The wizard’s pub used in Harry Potter movies.


Gloucester Cathedral – Gloucester

The Gloucester Cathedral is used for several movie scenes from the first two movies, like for example the scene with the Troll in the first movie!


Christchurch hall - The Tourist Of Life


Christchurch – Oxford

So… want to visit the great hall of Hogwarts? Christchurch is the place to be!

Alnwick Castle – Northumberland

At this very location the first broomstick lesson of the first years’ was filmed!

Goathland Railway Station – Whitby, North Yorkshire

Goathland Railway Station: the filming location of the Hogsmeade Station! The Hogwarts Express doesn’t stop at this train station though, but still worth a visit!


4 Privet Drive – Little Whinging

Not in Surrey we can find the house of Harry Potter.. but in Little Whinging we sure can. Here 4 Privet Drive does actually exist![:]