Little Curacao

Just two hours away from the small Caribbean island Curacao, lies the even smaller island, named ‘Little Curacao’. According to the many tourists that visit Curacao and according to the residents of the island, Little Curacao is a must-see for everyone who comes to visit Curacao.


With no residents, except for a couple of turtles and iguanas, amazingly white beaches, palmtrees and clear blue water, you will not get any closer to paradise than you will do right here, on this very island.


Little Curacao - The Tourist Of Life

Our day of Little Curacao started off at 7 am; when our boat (Mermaid Boat Trips) left the shore. The two hour trip was my personal idea of hell, actually. Not funny at all: it was a pretty rough sea (I’m quite scared of deep waters already – and a small boat hanging above the ocean does not help)  and motion sickness started kicking in half way through. And when motion sickness kicked in I am NOT talking about myself who got sick, but about the other 40 passengers of the boat who all hang over the railing at one point. I did my preps and bought medication for motion sickness in advance as I’d heard the boat-stories before. However, the other tourists seemed to have missed this information. Ah, anyway, we survived, and two hours later we arrived at the island – the first view I got from Little Curacao completely made me forget about the boat trip.


Little Curacao - The Tourist Of Life


White beaches indeed, and the water was so clear that I could already see several fishes swim before even leaving the boat. I could literally not wait to dive into the water. Little Curacao is as I said a very small island. And with small I mean that you can walk round the island in about half an hour. However, with a burning 30 degrees and white sands that reflects the sun you may not want to walk too much before you’ve used your sunscreen.


After eating our breakfast we made our way to the small lighthouse and a washed ship (which is expected to be gone within five years), both iconic and impressive views of Little Curacao. After that we returned to the beach. Little Curacao is well-visited because of the clear water, which makes it possible to dive and to go snorkeling. As told before; I am not a huge fan of deep waters, but for snorkeling in Little Curacao I gladly made an exeption. So basically, this is my morning in Little Curacao summed up: snorkeling to find pretty fishes and of course: turtles.


Little Curacao - The Tourist Of Life


After a small two hours of swimming and snorkeling around Little Curacao the horn of our boat sounded which meant that dinner – a.k.a a barbecue – was ‘served’. Stuffed as I was (amazingly good food – even for vegetarians) I returned back to the beach for some more swimming, snorkeling and relaxing – what else to do on a paradise location like this? Our day at Little Curacao lasted till 4pm, when we had to go back to the boat to return with a (much more easy) boat trip home.


Little Curacao - The Tourist Of Life


If I were you I would definitely visit Little Curacao if I had the chance too. The beach, water and nature is way to pretty to skip and it is absolutely something you will never see otherwise. Be sure to prepare yourself for the boat trip though.. trust me;-). There are several tours that go to Little Curacao – I definitely recommend Mermaid Boat Trips as they offer breakfast and a barbecue on the island and as they offer a longer day on Little Curacao than other tour operators!


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