Miami Sunrise - The Tourist Of Life

While dreaming sweet dreams my travelbuddy tries to wake my up by poking my leg. I open my eyes to see her pointing to the window. A universal sign for ‘it’s time to head out’. When seeing the view she points at it doesn’t take me long to wake up and jump out of bed – even though I was tired enough to sleep through the alarm clock. As soon as I spot the purple-looking clouds covering the sky over Miami Beach I know it is about time I wake up: time to watch the sunrise.

Luckily our hotel is directly situated to the beach. So it doesn’t take us long to head out and visit the beach. It’s still quiet. A few joggers pass us, but the rest of the city is still asleep – apart from the couple that secretly try to collect their clothes and sneak of as soon as they see us. I guess they spent a happy night at the beach.

The temperature is nice – it isn’t as hot yet, and the wind is gentle enough to make it cool off a bit. The palmtrees that surround me dance in the wind. With my flipflops in my hand I walk up to the end of the beach, let the waves touch my feet. And then I just stare – this is what a Miami sunrise looks like.